Macbeth keeps spies in the nobles households true
The witches are solely responsible for Macebeth’s actions False
Lady Macbeth cannot kill Duncan because he looks like her father sleeping True
Ambition and corruption are themes of Macbeth false
Macbeth is more character driven than plot/action driven false
Blood,children,ears,hearing, and sleep are all motifs of Macbeth False
Though women, the witches have beards True
Literary theories offer a variety of ways to interpret text True
There are multiple rhyme schemes for an italian sonnet true
The spenserian sonnet is the most popular, often used False
In actual real life history, Banquos decendent became king true
Refrain a line or part of a line or a group of lines which is repeated in the poem, usually at the end each stanza
Ode a formal, lengthy poem that celebrated a particular subject
Motif A recurring image or idea that helps develop theme or character
Allegory A work that can be read both literary and figuratively
Asyndenton omission or absence of a conjunction between parts of a sentence
Allusion Macduff’s lament of O Scotland! Scotland! that mirrors jesus of Nazareth’s lament of O’ Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
Ambiguity Purposely vague or misleading
Tragic hero A good person of noble birth or exalted position who has a fatal flaw that leads to his downfall
Prophecy Used to encourage Macbeth& Banquo later used to trap Macbeth
Epithet an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned
This person is told his children will be kings Banquo
What do the owls screech , horses eating each other and poor weather after Duncan’s death signify Nature is out of sync because of Duncan’s murder. The balance between good and evil has been tipped in favor of evil with Macbeth’s heinous crime against a divinely appointed king.
Which theory did we use for Misery that concerned itself with the cabbies inability to connect with people outside his own class? Sociological
Big 6 Simile,Alliteration,Metaphor,Personification,Hyberbole, Onomonopeia
By the end of the play, Macbeth emobies all of the ollowing expect Guilt
What is the mortal’s chiefest enemy according to Hecate Security
The deep water in “For Julia in Deep water” is Metaphor
Fair is foul and foul is fair is and example of Equivocation, alliteration, Chiasmus
Is it necessary to discuss form/structure in a literary response when when it effects meaning
Iambic Pentameter De-Dum De -Dum De Dum
Heroic couplet two lines at the end of a poem w rhyming last words as it wraps up the poem; wears a cape
Metaphysical Highly intellectualized poetry marked by bold and ingenious conceits
Villanelle Highly structured poem the poem repeats the first and third lines throughout
Lyrical poetry Characterized by emotion, personal feelings and brevity
Tercet 3 LINE stanza
Enjambment Involves the running on of a line or stanza
free verse A poem without rhyme scheme or meter scheme
Blank verse A poem without a set rhyme scheme but follows and iambic pentameter meter scheme
What does the image of ill fitting clothing signify in Macbeth That they are not fit for the position they are in

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