macbeth test

who took over after elizabeth king james i
what era/ time pd elizabethan/shakespearean era 1550-1600
shakespear tried to appeal to who in his writing and why the king, so he would help fund a theater
in the 1500’s who had global power spain
in the 1600’s who had global power england
why was england so powerful expansion, exploration, technology, and printed english word
who was john dee greatest mathmatition of england, tried to communicate with angels, math was earthy and divine to him
key words to describe macbeth the play (4) ambition, witchcraft, karma, fate
what is the malleus malificarum an encyclopedia of witchcraft that took england by storm in 1486
who published malleus malificarum heinrichkramer
did most people believe in witchcraft yes, about 75-80%
what are the main motifs of the book (3) sleep, clothes, witches
metanomy “im all ears” “all hands on deck”- using a body part as a figure of speech
monosylable each word is one syllable to show the characters deep, precise thought
tetrameter read in 4’s, the witches
irony words with different meanings for different audiences
allision mumbling, conversational speaking, using the apostrophe to get the word to fir the line and to emphasize the character’s quick thinking
anachrinism outside the time period, ie- there were no canons in this time period but they discuss it
soliloquy when a character has a solo speech on stage, monologue, speaking to themselves and to the audience
incantatory spell, chant, bewitching
enjambment new period= new thought, basically a huge run-on sentence
end-stop when the period is at the end of the line, not randomly in the middle
how do you do text ID 1. who is speaking and what’s going on, 2. what literary element is being used and how does it create meaning
paradox two contrasting images
antithesis words set off to illuminate a paradox “foul is fair, fair is foul”
syntactic inversion speaking with everything backwards, ie- instead of just saying “where are you going annie”, you say “dearest sophie, what art thoumst doing leaving in the broad sunlight of houston texas where thoumst could get hurt!”
Wealthy speak in… verse, iambic petameter
poor speak in… pros, normal paragraphs
what are the three ingredients of witchcraft evil witches, devil’s help, god’s permission

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