Macbeth Terms

Macbeth Son of Sine, formerly Thane of Glamis, Leader of the Scottish army, Shadier than Tom Brady, is promoted to Thane of Cawdor as per the Witches predictions for his murder of the rebel leader, Macdonwald (+the Hebrides)
Lady Macbeth Wife of Macbeth, initially motivates him to kill King Duncan, cold, calculating, reserved, childless. She would regret her decisions, she unhinges over the course of the play, eventually walking in her sleep and rubbing her hands confessing to all the Play’s murders. She dies before the final battle, showing Macbeth that death comes to nothing.
Arabia Lady Macbeth, in her sleep, says “Not even all the perfumes of Arabia will get the smell of blood off her hands”, this is to contrast with her saying earlier “a little water will wash it off”, signifies how far her guilt has changed her
Banquo Leader of the scottish army, Descendant of the house of Stuart, father to Fleance, his murder is contracted by the new King Macbeth because he will father a line of kings and Macbeth would be threatened. After death, his Ghost appears in Macbeth’s seat at the feast he would never attend, smiling.
Fleance Banquo’s only son, is one of the heirs that will father a line of kings, is present for his father’s murder, narrowly escapes, is not seen for the rest of the play.
King Duncan Former King of Scotland, promoted Macbeth to Thane of Cawdor (as the last one was deceased, and a traitor), is murdered by Macbeth the next night, father to Malcom and Donalbain, bueried in Colmekill
Malcom Prince of Cumberland, Eldest son of King Duncan, Flees to England after his father’s demise, “There are daggers in Men’s Smiles”
Donalbain King Duncan’s second son, flees to Ireland after his father’s death, planned to escape with his brother.
Macduff Macbeth’s foil, Thane of Fife, not born of woman- C-section, kills Macbeth, identified by Ross as “Bellona’s Bridegroom”,
Lady Macduff + Son Wife and Son of Macduff, opposite of Lady Macbeth (as she is maternal and has a child), her son is very competent and self-aware, are murdured by Macbeth, are left unprotected by Macduff when he goes to England, she jokes with her son about Macduff’s flight to England, her son uses birds to refute his mother saying his father is dead.
Witch 1 tortures a sailor as revenge for his wife not sharing her chestnuts, pilot’s thumb
Witch 2 kills swine, later identifies the wickedness of Macbeth’s arrival by the pricking of her thumbs
Witch 3 Her familiar is a toad, is very sassy when Hecate second guesses their choices
Hecate The Goddess of witchcraft who makes an appearance in Act 3 to scold the witches for telling Macbeth the prophecy.
Young Siward Son of King Duncan’s brother, Siward, is revolted by Macbeth’s name because he hates him so much, fights Macbeth in the climax, pays “a warrior’s debt”, a young soldier who was “yet unrough”
Seyton Employee of Macbeth’s who informs Macbeth of Lady Macbeth’s death
Porter pretends to be the gate keeper of hell, drunk and hungover at the same time, first speaks to Macduff and lets him into the castle, serves as comic relief to ease some of the play’s tension
Ross Scottish nobleman, tells Macbeth the news that he was given the title Thane of Cawdor, tells Macduff about the murder of his wife and son (not at first)
Fife Macduff’s castle
Inverness Macbeth’s castle
Saint Colme’s Inch Island where the king of Norway had to bring $10,000 for Scotland as a term of peace for their defeat
England Where Malcolm flees after the murder of his father, King Duncan at the hands of Macbeth, Macduff leaves his family in an attempt to retrieve Malcolm from England
Ireland Where Donelbain flees after the murder of his father, King Duncan at the hands of Macbeth
Angus + Lennox Angues and Lennox are both Scottish nobleman who discuss the “rough nigh” right before Macduff announces the murder of Duncan
Apparitions Armed head- Forshadows the beheading of Macbeth Bloody Child- Forshadows Macduff’s revalation of his birth by C-SectionChild crowned w/ tree in hand- foreshadow’s Malcom’s camouflage & coronation as Scotland’s king
Northumberland English county near Scotland where Macduff hopes to gain allies against Macbeth
Three Murdurers 2 were contracte dbyMacbeth to kill Banquo and Fleance, a third mystery Murdurer approaches and we never find otu who it was.
Siward Duncan’s brother, uncle to Malcom and Donalbain, father of Young Siward, allies with Macduff
Edward King of England, was said to cure people fo Scrofula by touching them, he’s Macbeth’s foil as Macbeth is wrecking his country, allies with Macduff,
scone The coronation place, used for Malcom and Macbeth
Forres one of the opening battles, probably the one where Macbeth would have been the hero
Dunsinane The place where Macbeth sets up his camp and fight’s Macduff’s forces.
Doctor + Gentlewoman The gentlewoman tells the doctor Lady Macbeth ahs been sleepwalking, dosen’t tell him what she’s saying in her sleep, wants to help. The Doctor, however, can do nothing for the mind, says she needs the divine, not him, he has the last word in Act 5, scene 3

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