Macbeth symbols and imagery

Blood 8 1. Bloody daggers2. Baboon blood in the witches’ potion3. Lady Macbeth wringing her hands clean4. Banquo’s gory locks5. Macbeth sees blood on the murderers6. Macbeth taunting the servant7. Macbeth knowing his time is up8. Macbeth’s head wound
Animal 5 1. Horses eating each other2. Owl killing the hawk3. Lady Mac compares Macbeth to a serpent4. The witches refer to animals in their potions5. Lady Macduff refers to wrens
Sleep 4 1. Macbeth shall sleep no more2. Lady Macbeth sleep walks3. Macbeth sees a bloody dagger in the air when Banquo goes to bed4. Macbeth thinks he murdered sleep itself
Light/dark 5 1. Darkness during the day2. Lady Macbeth’s candle3. Lady Macbeth asks to be cloaked in darkness so none will see Duncan’s murder4. Lady Macbeth calls on the light to protect her from the evil she summoned 5. “Out brief candle” describes a sudden death using light
Clothing 2 1. Borrowed robes2. Bloody clothing on the guards
Supernatural References 4 1. Sleep no more2. Witches magic 3. Appiritions4. Hallucinations
Floating daggers 3 1. The begining of Macbeth’s undoing2. Seen when he kills Duncan and Banquo3. Referenced throughout the play
Mental disease 3 1. Lady Macbeth’s sleep walking2. Macbeth’s insomnia3. Macbeth hallucinating
Borrowed robes 2 1. Macbeth refers to borrowed robes when he is named as thane of Cawdor2. Means to be given a title that’s not rightfully yours
Birnam woods 2 1. Macbeth was told he would not be killed unless the woods moved to his castle2. Used by Malcolm’s army as camouflage
Macduff’s castle 2 1. Macduff’s house2. Lady Macduff and Macduff jr were killed there
Macbeth’s letter to Lady Macbeth 3 1. Describes Macbeth’s encounter with the witches2. Makes Lady Macbeth fear Macbeth isn’t ruthless enough3. She plans out Duncan’s murder
Lady Macbeth’s candle 2 1. The candle highlights Lady Macbeth’s loneliness 2. She laments the murders of Duncan and Banquo with the candle
The horses eating eachother 2 1. The horses belonged to Duncan2. Happened after Duncan’s death
Darkness during the day 2 1. Happened after Duncan’s death2. Most likely an eclipse
Owl killing the hawk 2 1. The owl which is lower on the food chain (Macbeth) killed the hawk (Duncan)2. This can symbolize Duncan’s death
Chained bear fighting dogs 2 1. Macbeth refers to himself as the bear2. Macbeth wants to die a man
Bird nest 2 1. Gives the illusion of peace2. Ironic in the sense Duncan finds Dunsinane peaceful
The smell of sweet air 2 1. Duncan comments on the sweet smell2. Gives the illusion a peaceful place
England 2 1. Malcolm fled to England2. The king of England gave Malcolm an army
Macbeth’s armor 2 1. Macbeth is more comfortable in his armor2. He wants to die like a warrior in his armor

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