Macbeth Swiss Quotes

“Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?” o Betrayalo Blood and guilt • Shows that Macbeth is ultimately goodo Character evolution
“fair is foul, and foul is fair” o Appearance vs realityo Fate/witchcrafto Lots of others
“unsex me here” o Lady Macbeth calling on darkness speaking to dark spirits, become less feminineo Elizabethan world order • Wants to move up the Elizabethan world ordero Appearance vs realityo Character evolutiono Powero Tragedy • Metaphorical death
“I could not say amen” o Right after he stabs Duncano Tragedy • Character deatho Lack of sleep • Emotional traumao Power role reversal
“Double double toil and trouble” o Elizabethan world order • Unnatural • Unfeminineo Role/Reversal?o Fatalism • Macbeth destined for trouble
“Foul and fair a day I have not seen” o After Macbeth wins battleo Fair because he has won the battlero Foul because the weather is bado Also foul because many men diedo Reverse pathetic fallacyo Appearance vs realityo Fatalismo Elizabethan world ordero Contrastso Loyalty • To men
“Tis unnatural even like the deed that’s done” o Day after Duncan’s murdero Elizabethan world order
“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes” o Witches talking right before Macbeth walks in second visit, happy he is hereo Macbeth now dependant on the witcheso Fatalismo Contrastso Power/role reversalso Betrayal/Loyalty
“I have given suck” o Talks about stopping breastfeeding and then murdering a child to become queeno Convincing Macbeth to go through with murdero Elizabethan world ordero Role reversalo Appearance vs realityo Contrastso Ambition
“out, out, Damned spot” o Blood imageryo Guilto Appearance vs realityo Character evolutiono Contrastso Betrayl/loyalty
“Blood will have blood” o To the ghost of Banquoo I need to kill your sons so they don’t become kingo May as well keep killingo Blood imageryo Tragedy/character deatho Character evolution/Contrastso Betrayal
“Tis call’d the evil” • English king curing people of the evil• Contrasts• Elizabethan world order
“I will do so. But I must feel it as a man” • Macduff talking about killing Macbeth• Heroic• Contrasts• Role reversals• Elizabethan world order

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