Supernatural- Context Macbeth imagins lots of things:-Banquos ghost -When halusinating about the daggerHowever, all this isn’t true as he is the only person to see these things.The witches however are true as other characters in the play see them too. Shakespeare includes the witches as during the Shakespeare era many people believed in witchcraft and the supernatural and saw it as something evil. The supernatural are partly to be blamed as the witches were the ones to spark Macbeths actions by their predictions. Overall, Macbeths state of mind and ambition take over and therefore lead Macbeth into performing the brutal actions. Moreover, Lady Macbeth also supports the witches perdictions and therefore also tempts Macbeth and leads him to the state of mind that he was/is in. Leads to the supernatural being uncontrollable in Macbeth. – the people during that time believed that god chose the king and therefore killing the king was going against God,- linked to supernatural as Macbeth wasnt the chosen king yet he still became king, so not the natural order.
Act 1 scene 1 “fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through fog and filthy air” 1.The audience would find this particularly unerving.2.Additionally, it means that what is good could be bad and what is bad could be good, it is the idea that the fair is the prediction, Macbeth will become king, but the reality is foul as Macbeth kills the current king.3.Because the play starts of with the witches it is significant beacause it establishes the idea that the supernatural and dark atmopshere will have a firm importance in the play. Witches speak in rhyme “fair” and “air” which are a rhyming couplet. Shakespeare uses this type of styled writing to show the significance of the person speaking (the witches).
Act 1 scene 3 “Murder yet is but fantastical” Eventhough the witches didnt tell Macbeth to kill the current king he still decides to do so.-Adjective “Fantastical” knows that it is bizarre therefore by killing the king he thinks thta he will therefore make predictions true.1.Soliloquey, shows how evil Macbeth’s thoughts are, indicates how the supernatural predictions have started to lead Macbeths thoughts into diseasing.2. Idea that the inner Macbeth is beginning to disease as he is having evil thoughts.3. Macbeth knows that it is only a fantasy however he is still willing to kill the king inorder to become king himself (yet none told macbeth to kill the king in the first place) which also shows the strength of his inner ambition.
Act 1 Scene 3 “cannot be ill cannot be good” Shows Macbeths evil thoughts but he knows that the are bad thoghts. 1. Disease imagrey-idea that this is a soliloquey shows thta Macbeths inner thoughts are beginning to disease.Shows duality that it could be both good as he will become king however also bad as he will go against God as he will have to kill the king. 2. Shows the effect that the witches predictions have had on Macbeth. 3. Additionally, by think about killing the king Macbeth is also going against what is natural. 4.Witches plant a metaphorical seed in his head (their prediction) which then begins to grow metaphorically due to his ambition and state of mind taking over.
Act 1 scene 5 “come you spirts unsex me here” Lady Macbeth trusts the spirits and is engaged by the supernatural-she also works on Macbeths mind and puts perssure on him to go against what is natural and supports the fact that he should kill the current king.1.she is summing up the spirits of darkness.2.evil imagery- shows how lady Macbeth is on the supernatural side, this also shows the evil thta she is developing and her ambition of Macbeth becoming king.3.Her speech links to the witches’ speech as through the use of the imperetives it sounds as if she is almost casting a spell.4. she wants the evil spirits to “unsex” her so she wants everything that in femanin about her gone, so that she can become powerful. 5. the supernatural is reintroduced within Lady Macbeth as she is callling on them. 6. Lady Macbeth trusts the evil spirts which shows she wants to be lacking goodness so that she like Macbeth will be capable of murder.
Act 2 scene 1 “heat-oppressed brain” Macbeth is starting to halucinate. Now his state of mind is taking over him and all that is is thinking about it the supernatural. 1.he has become mentally ill and therefore can’t stop thinking about the witches predictions and how he can make them true.2.Macbeth gets a vision just as he is about to kill King Dunacn-this vision could be to a warning for Macbeth not to commit such cruel action or it maybe hinting how Macbeth is ready to kill and therefore cant stop thinking about it as he is so desparte again ambition.3.Macbeth sees a dagger in front of himself- and is therefore wondering if it is just his imagination (we as an audience know that it is). 4.because Macbeth is halusinating it indicates how mentally ill he has become as he sees bizarre things.5.shows how the spark of SN and his abition taking over to such a state of corruption.6. Due to him not knowing what is reality and what is not-shows what happened to him due to believeing in the supernatural.
Act 2 Scene 1 “wicked dreams abuse curtain’d sleep” the evil thoughts are taking over macbeth’s sleep. it is the idea how Macbeth himself is becoming unatural.1.the noun”sleep” is assosiated with goodness and it is somthing natural that a human needs in order to live. However, because it is corrupted by the supernatural thoughts and evil it is the idea that the decayed evil side is taking over all the goodness and all that is natural in is to do with the supernatural as Macbeth is having nightmares due to his imaginations of the dagger. Nightmares are also normally assosiated with the evil and unatural side of human nature. Therefore, Macbeth is starting to loose his humanly aspects partly because of the supernatural, not fully as the he interpreted the witches sayings wrong.Additionally, Macbeth is slightly diluded by the witches words. the dagger is not real it is the product of horrible imaginings 3. Additionally, the dagger is the reflection of the deed that will be done therefore Macbeth is under intense pshychological thoughts.
Act 3 Scene 4 “Russian bear, the arm’d rhinoceras” Macbeth would rather face the most dangerous creature than Banqous ghost.- Macbeth again is imaging things, this time he is imagining Banqous ghost, However Macbeth presents the idea thta he sees Banquos ghost more threatening anf frightening than any other physical and dangerous animal.-the adjective “arm’d” that Macbeth would rather go against something that is much stroger than him as the adjective describes something that has thick and hard skin and therfore is armed well enough to potentially kill Macbeth.-sense of Macbeths guilt, as it could be because he is scared of the deed that he has done by killing his best friend. Additionally,nobody can see the ghost but Macbeth so again sight of Macbeths consciene.- furthermore, the supernatural which are also the things that he is imaging are making Macbeth become mad.
Act 3 scene 4 “air drawn dagger” Lady Macbeth reminds Macbeth that the ghost is just a halusination just like the dagger earlier on in the play.1.Banquo saw and heard the spernatural witches with Macbeth however he had oppiste views to Macbth and did therfeore warn macbeth about the consequances howeevr now that Banquo is dead, macbeth is starting to go mad and has no one to stop him from these selfish and horrible deads.2.Alliteration- of the “d” echoes the sound and gives the audience a idea that after banquos death every deed that Macbeth has done is coming back to him and therefore haunting him. 4. Macbeth again cant tell the difference between the natural and the unatural it is agin the idea that he now has lost his human side completely. 5. We also see symptoms of Macbeths phychological distress that have been caused due to interpreting the words of the superntural wrong.
Act 4 Scene 1 “Liver of blasheming jew” Here the witches are making a creature, by adding the most bizzare objects thta are assosiated with evil , because the ingridients aare so bizzare it shows how unatural they are and thta they have become destructive. Conveys the idea and reminds the audience that it is the destructive supernatural that has prtlly lead to Macbeths diseased personality. noun “jew” assosiated with evil. the verb “blasheming” idea of something irratable and something thta is going against god assosiated with Macbeth

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