Macbeth Study Guide Act 3

Why does Macbeth ask Banquo so many apparently casual questions about where he is riding? To guage his actions and find out his plans, as well as those of Fleance, to set the murder plot in action.
How does Macbeth persuade the murderers to help him? Convinces them that Bamquo will be the cause of all their misery.
Why should Macbeth be worried about Banquo? One of Banquo’s heirs was prophesized to become king.
How does Banquo feel about the witches’ prophesies? He’s very suspicious and thinks they will lead to no good Scotalnd.
What is Banquo feeling toeards Macbeth? suspicion
How has Macbeth been feeling since Duncan’s death? guilty and fearful
Why does Macbeth not want Lady Macbeth to know about his plan to kill Banquo and Fleance? He wants to be in charge now.
How does Lady Macbeth react when Macbeth has a vision during the banquet? with scorn towards Macbeth
Who has been acting as a foil to Macbeth by the end of scene 3? Lady Macbeth
Why is Macbeth fearful and resentful of Banquo? because of the the witches’ prophesies that his children will become king
What good quality of Banquo does Macbeth fear? Banquo’s “wise courage”
Why do the murderers agree to kill Banquo? their miserable lives have made them violent men
Macbeth advises Lady Macbeth to be especially nice to _____. Banquo
Whom did the murderers kill? Only Banquo — Fleance escaped
How did Macbeth react to his visions during the banquet? became upset and agitated
Whom is Macbeth preparing to fight? Malcolm and Macduff
Who else might benefit from Macbeth killing Duncan? Banquo would because Macbeth does not have children

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