Macbeth Study

Act 1/Sc 1: Whome do the witches plan on meeting when the battle is over? Macbeth
Act 1/Sc 2: What is the quote that reveals what Macbeth has done to Macdonwald? “Till he unseamed him from the nave to th’ chops,”
Act 1/Sc 2: What reward is given to Macbeth for his bravery in battle? the title Thane of Cawdor
Act 1/Sc 3: What does the 1st witch address Macbeth as? Thane of Glamis
Act 1/Sc 3: What does the 2nd witch address Macbeth as? Why would this surprise Macbeth? Thane of Cawdor, because he doesn’t know he has that title yet
Act 1/Sc 3: What does the 3rd witch address Macbeth as? Why would this surprise Macbeth? King hereafter, because he doesn’t consider himself in the line to be king
Act 1/Sc 3: What 3 predictions do the witches make about Banquo? 1) lesser than Macbeth, 2) not so happy, but much happier, 3) will be the future father of kings but won’t be one
Act 1/Sc 3: What warning does Banquo give Macbeth about the witches? be cautious of the witches and their predictions because they could be telling him little truths to gain his confidence but betray him later
Act 1/Sc 3: What vow does Macbeth make about becoming king? “If chance will have me king, why chance may crown me. Without my stir.” (If its my fate to be king it will happen without me having to do anything.)
Act 1/Sc 4: What announcement does King Duncan make about Malcolm? And what will his new title be? He will give him the throne. The Prince of Cumberland
Act 1/Sc 4: What is Macbeth’s secret response to the king’s news about Malcolm? he needs to kill someone to become king
Act 1/Sc 5: What “fear” does Lady Macbeth have about Macbeth being able to become king quickly. “It is too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness/To catch the nearest way…” (Macbeth is too kind to do what is necessary.)
Act 1/Sc 6: What is ironic about the way Lady Macbeth and King Duncan speak to each other? She is planning on killing him
Act 1/Sc 7: In lines 1-10 what does Macbeth say about the consequences of killing Duncan? He may get away with it but will pay in the afterlife and killing Duncan may “teach” others to come after him
Act 1/Sc 7: What is the “double trust” Macbeth refers to in line 12? First he is related to him and has sworn an allegience to him, Second he is Duncan’s host and he should provide protection for his guest
Act 1/Sc 7: What does Macbeth say is his motivation for wanting to kill Duncan? ambition
Act 1/Sc 7: What method does Lady Macbeth use to prod Macbeth to kill Duncan? challenges his manhood
Act 1/Sc 7: What is the plan by Lady Macbeth for killing Duncan? they will get the guards drunk and then kill Duncan while his is sleeping
Act 1/Sc 7: What does Macbeth add to Lady Macbeth’s plan? they will put the bloody daggers on the guards bodies to frame them
Act 2/Sc 1: In scene 1 what offer does Macbeth make to Baanquo? give him a place of honor if he supports Macbeth when the time comes
Act 2/Sc 1: When Banquo responds to Macbeth’s offer, what two things does he say he must consider if helping Macbeth? his allegence must be clear and no honor must be lost
Act 2/Sc 2: Why does Lady Macbeth not kill Duncan? Duncan looked like her father
Act 2/Sc 2: What mistake does Macbeth make in carrying out the murder? brought the daggers back with him
Act 2/Sc 2: What advice does Lady Macbeth give Macbeth after the murder? don’t think about it
Act 2/Sc 3: What literary element does Shakespeare use in the scene through the use of the porter? comic relief
Act 2/Sc 3: What is ironic about the conversation between Macduff and Lady Macbeth? she planned the whole thing
Act 2/Sc 3: In response to the murder of their father, to where do Malcolm and Donalbain flee? to the court to get protection
Act 2/Sc 4: Why are Malcolm and Donalbain under suspicion for their father’s death? the ran away
Act 2/Sc 4: Now that Duncan is dead, who becomes king? Macbeth
Act 2/Sc 4: Who says they will not attend the coronation of the new king? Macduff
Act 3/Sc 1: What tactic used by Lady Macbeth does Macbeth use on the “murderers” to influence their decision to kill Banquo? She questions their manhood
Act 3/Sc 2: Lady Macbeth tries to comfort her husband by telling him to do what? Don’t think about it
Act 3/Sc 2: Name two reasons Macbeth had for not telling Lady Macbeth about his plans for Banquo and Fleance. 1) He doesn’t want her to know what it is until it happens so she doesn’t change it; 2) So he can prove hi is a man by doing this on his own
Act 3/Sc 3: Who gets killed? Banquo
Act 3/Sc 3: Who runs away? Why will Macbeth be upset about this? Fleance, because in time he will be a threat to Macbeth
Act 3/Sc 4: Whi is the surprise guest at the banquet? Banquo’s ghost
Act 3/Sc 4: Who does not show up for the banquet therefore making Macbeth angry? Macduff
Act 3/Sc 4: At whose house does Macbeth have a spy on the staff? Macduff
Act 3/Sc 5: Why is Hecate angry? She has been left out of the fun (making fun of Macbeth)
Act 3/Sc 6: Where do we find out that Macduff has gone? Why? To England to support Malcolm as the real king
Act 4/Sc 1: What does Macbeth’s anxiety to see the witches show? He trusts them and believes they can tell the future
Act 4/Sc 1:What are the first three apparitions to appera and what does each tell Macbeth? 1) Armored head of a warrior – beware of Macduff; 2) A bloody child – no one born by a woman can harm Macbeth; 3) A crowned child with a tree in his hand – he can never be conquered until Creat Birnan Wood marches up Dunsinane Hill
Act 4/Sc 1: What is the final apparition and what does it show Macbeth? 8 kings, representing the 8 Stuart kings of Scotland, with the 8th king, representing James 1, holding a mirror – shows that Banquo’s children will rule in Scotland
Act 4/Sc 1: Why is it important that Macbeth learns of Macduff’s plan for revenge right after he meets with the witches? It gives him the motivation to kill Macduff’s children
Act 4/Sc 1: What is Macbeth’s reaction to the news about Macduff? What does this tell us about Macbeth? Macbeth kills everyone in Macduff’s castle – tells us Macbeth has gone overboard with killing people
Act 4/Sc 2: Where does this scene take place? In Macduff’s castle
Act 4/Sc 2: What is the outcome of Scene 2? Everyone in the castle has been murdered
Act 4/Sc 3: Why has Macduff gone to England? To attempt to gain alligeance with Malcolm
Act 4/Sc 3: What help has the English king offered Malcolm and Macduff? General Siward and 10,000 men
Act 4/Sc 3: What information does Ross have for Macduff? That all the people in his castle were murdered
Act 4/Sc 3: What is Macduff’s response to Ross’s news? Why does he feel that revenge is impossible? He is sad and grieves and wants revenge but he doesn’t think he can get revenge because Macbeth doesn’t have any children therefor he cannot feel the same grief
Act 5/Sc 1: What motion does Lady Macbeth make continuously? What does it symbolize? Washing her hands, she is guilty
Act 5/Sc 1: What is the doctor’s evaluation of Lady Macbeth’s problem she needs divine help
Act 5/Sc 2: Does Macbeth have the support of those he commands? because they fear Macbeth
Act 5/Sc 3: What report does the servant bring Macbeth? there are 10,000 soldiers fighting him
Act 5/Sc 3: Why does Macbeth make light of the servant’s report? because of his prophecy (2nd prophecy)
Act 5/Sc 3: Will Macbeth be happy as long as he hangs on to his title? Explain No, by becoming king he gave up the things that made him happy
Act 5/Sc 4: What instructions does Malcolm give his men? Why does he do this? to cut down tree branches and use them as camouflage, so Macbeth won’t know how big his army is
Act 5/Sc 4: Why might the above instructions be important to the play? It signals the end of Macbeth because Birnam wood is moving toward Dunsinane
Act 5/Sc 5: What happens at the beginning of this scene? Lady Macbeth dies
Act 5/Sc 5: What is Macbeth’s reaction to this news? he doesn’t have time to grieve
Act 5/Sc 5: Paraphase Macbeth’s soliloquy following the announcement of his wife’s death. he has already given up the things that he really wanted in life by becoming king and now that his wife is dead he says there is no meaning in life
Act 5/ Sc 5: What message is delivered to Macbeth? What effect does this news have on Macbeth? that Birnam Wood is rapidly approaching the castle
Act 5/ Sc 6-7: What are the attitudes of Siward and Macduff as they prepare to fight? they are ready to fight till the end
Act 5/Sc 6-7: Why is Macbeth no afraid of youn Siward? because Siward has never been in battle before
Act 5/Sc 8: Explain the line “Of all men else I have avoided thee!” He has tried to avoid killing Macduff because he killed the rest of his family
Act 5/Sc 8: What surprise does Macbeth learn from Macduff? Macduff is not woman born
Act 5/Sc 8: Does Macbeth give up when he realized he has been tricked by the witches? Why or why not? No, he’d rather go down fighting than give up
Act 5/Sc 8: What “prize” does Macduff bring to Malcolm? Macbeth’s head
Act 5/Sc 8: Who will now be King of Scotland? Malcolm

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