Macbeth: Standard Focus: Elements of Drama

act division within a play, much like chapters of a novel
aside lines spoken to one or two characters directly to the audience
Cast of Characters a list of characters presented before the action begins
Chorus a person or group of people who act as a narrator, commentator, or a general audience to the action of drama
Comedy a humorous work of play
Dialouge converstion between two or more characters
Drama a work of literature designed to be performed in front of an audience
Foil a character who is nearly the oposite of another character , to reveal a stark contrast b/w the characters often protagonist, antagonist
Monolouge a long speech spoken by a character to himself, another, or to the audience
Scene a division of an act into smaller parts
Solioquy thoughts spoken aloud by a character when he is alone , or thinks he is alone
Stage Directions props or costumes
Tragedy a serious work of drama in which the hero suffers catasphoe or missfortunatem because of his acts on his own actions
Tragic Hero a protagongist w/ fatal flaw that eventually leads to his dismise

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