Macbeth sparknotes quizzes

Who is the king when the play starts? Duncan
who does Macbeth defeat in battle The armies of Norway and Ireland
what is the witches prophecy in act 1 Macbeth will be king and banquos children will be kings
what title does Macbeth receive that was predicted by the witches thane of cawdor
how is made heir to Duncan’s throne Duncans son Malcom
what does lady Macbeth resolve to do Whatever is necessary to help Macbeth become king
what does lady Macbeth think Macbeth lacks The manliness to follow through on his ambitions
What do Lady Macbeth’s words “unsex me here” mean? She wants to set aside feminine sentiments that could hinder bloody ambitions.
what does Macbeth realize about the consequences of Duncan’s murder other than satisfying his own ambitions it will make everything worse
what is lady macbeths plan for murdering Duncan Macbeth will stab him in his sleep and plant the bloody evidence on the servants
Why is Banquo up late? He had nightmares about the witches
what does Macbeth see floating infront of him before he kills duncan a floating dagger
what does Macbeth hear a voice say in act 2 that he murdered sleep
Why does Lady Macbeth say that she could not kill Duncan herself? he looked like her sleeping father
how does lady Macbeth feel about how Macbeth carried out the murder she is shamed by how scared he acts throughout the ordeal
What does the porter say that drinking causes? A red nose, sleep, urination, and impotence
Who kills the servants who look guilty of the murder? Macbeth
how does lady Macbeth react when everyone finds out about the murder of Duncan she pretends its horrible and pretends to faint
Why do Malcom and Donalbain run away from the court? they fear they will be murdered next `

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