Macbeth-Sites on Map

Iona Abbey Located on an island in Western Scotland, this cradle of Christianity in England still stands today
Colmekill Located on an island in Western Scotland, this was where kings were buried during the time of Macbeth. In the play, King Duncan was buried here.
Loc Ness This long lake is located in Northern Scotland near Macbeth’s castle.
Forres In Macbeth, this castle was home to King Duncan in Act I.
Inverness This city in Northern Scotland is neat King Duncan’s castle and Macbeth’s castle.
Cawdor Castle This real castle in Northern Scotland is the seat of Macbeth’s family. Today it is a public museum.
Balmoral Castle Country home of today’s Queen Elizabeth II.
Glamis This area, located in Eastern Scotland, is the area that Macbeth was Thane of at the beginning of the play Macbeth.
Scone This place in Eastern Scotland was where Macbeth went to be crowned King of Scotland.
Fife This region in Eastern Scotland was the area that the character Macduff was thane of in the play Macbeth.
Edinburgh This major city in Eastern Scotland is near Fife.
Scotland The main setting of the play Macbeth
England In Act II Malcolm flees to this country

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