Macbeth: Shakespearean History

What’s a bard? a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition
In what city and country was Shakespeare born in? Stratford-upon-Avon, England
What was his date of birth and date of death? born: April 23 1564died: April 23 1616
What did Shakespeare write other than plays? poems
Whom did he marry? Anne Hathaway
Why did he marry her? she was pregnant
How old was Shakespeare and his wife when they got married? Shakespeare: 18Anne: 26
How many children did he have? three
What were his kids names? Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith
What tragic thing happened to Hamnet? How old was he when this happened? died at age 11 due to Black Death
How many plays did Shakespeare write? 37
List five of the plays (other than Macbeth) 1. Romeo and Juliet2. Midsummer Night’s Dream3. Much Ado About Nothing4. Hamlet5. Measure for Measure
What were the dates that make up the Elizabethan Era? Who is the era named after? 1558-1603Queen Elizabeth I
What two English monarchs ruled during Shakespeare’s lifetime? Queen Elizabeth I and King James I
How did the Queen Elizabeth I feel about theatre and the arts? loved it
Why was the Queen’s feelings about theatre important? first english monarch to support theatrealso actors were starting to be treated better
How were actor treated until Queen Elizabeth’s reign? actors; reputations were bad and people soon began to respect them
What is the Black Plague? Can people still get it today? an outbreak of bubonic disease, a disease transmitted from flies
By what other names was the Black Plague known as? Black Death and Bubonic Plague
How was the disease spread during Shakespeare’s lifetime? spread to humans from fleas that got the disease from rats
About how many people in Europe died due to the disease? (in percent) 30-35%
What kinds of symptoms caused the disease? fevers, weakness, abdominal pain, chills, headaches, and painful lymph nodes
How long did an average person live once they felt the beginning symptoms of the disease? 3 to 4 days
Why was Shakespeare’s theatre called “The Globe”? the stage was centered in the middle so the audience could see everything happening “all around the world”
In 1599 Shakespeare paid (blank)% of the cost to build the theatre. 12.5%
In what city was the Globe Theatre built? Southpark, London
At that time, what was the name of Shakespeare’s company of actors? Lord Chamberlain’s Men
Who owned and operated the theatre with Shakespeare? Richard Burbage, Cuthbert Burbage, John Hemmings, Augustine Phillips, and Thomas Pope
When King James I became king, the name of the acting company was changed… What became their new name? King’s Men
In what shape was the Globe built? octagon
What did the roof look like? made out of strawlike a donut with a huge hole over the pit and stage
Why was the roof built the way it was? What convenience was society lacking that we enjoy today? to provide natural light because they were lacking electricity
How did the citizens now a play was taking place? (flags) red flag: historywhite flag: comedyblack flag: tragedy
What was the penny public? the poor who paid a penny for a play and stood in the pitusually loud, hot-tempered, and caused riots
How much did it cost to see a play? pit cost a pennytwo pennies for a seat and can continue to upgrade the seats by paying additional penny and then an additional penny for a cushion
Why do Shakespeare’s play begin whither violence, supernatural, or sexual innuendo or a combination of these? to intrigue and entertain the groundlings so they don’t fight and cause riots
What we speak today is “Modern English. What are the previous two forms of English? Old English and Middle English
Which form of English is now unreadable to us? Old English
In which type of English did Shakespeare write? Modern English
What parts were woman allowed play during Shakespeare’s lifetime? not allowed to be in plays
How did Shakespeare make up for his lack of stage props? wrote descriptions into the script
What happened to the original Globe Theatre? How did this happen? burned down when a canon was misfired and hit the wood in the walls of the Globe
Was the Globe ever reconstructed? When? yesin July 1614
Is the Globe still standing today? Where? the second Globe was closed in 1997 a newer version, “Shakespeare’s Globe” opened near the original site

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