Macbeth Set 3 of 6

Macdonwald is cut from the navel to the jaw by Macbeth
The witches greet Macbeth by this new title Thane of Cawdor
Macbeth’s title at the beginning of the play Thane of Glamis
This general is the best England has to offer Siward
Whose son is killed by Macbeth in Act V? Siward
At the beginning of the play, who is in control of Scotland? Duncan
This king has healing powers and helps Malcolm Edward the Confessor
King Duncan’s heir and oldest son Malcolm
King Duncan’s youngest son Donalbain
When Macduff knocks at Macbeth’s castle door, who provides comic relief? porter
Who sleepwalks, haunted by the knowledge of the evil he/she has done? Lady Macbeth
Not of woman born, this character kills Macbeth Macduff
Goddess of witchcraft, she oversees the witches Hecate
King James I of England was related to Edward the Confessor
The senseless murder of which character and his/her son marks a new low in the play for Macbeth Lady Macduff
Who delivers the news of the disorder, murder, and revolt going on in Scotland to Malcolm and Macduff? Ross
Who drugs Duncan’s guards? Lady Macbeth
Who kills Duncan? Macbeth
Who discovers Duncan’s body? Macduff
Who kills the guards before anyone can question them? Macbeth
Who calls her husband a coward and less than a man for hesitating the kill the king? Lady Macbeth
Who paints the guards’ faces with blood from daggers? Lady Macbeth
What character returns as a ghost to attend Macbeth’s banquet? Banquo
Who sees this ghost at the Banquet? Macbeth

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