Macbeth set 2

Carouse To party, celebrateCelebrating and Carousing
Consort To keep company; associateCounseleurs consort
Entreat To begEarnestly entreat
Suborn bribeSecretly subborn
Multitudinous Very numerousMath is multitudinous
Plight A difficult or dangerous condition or situationPathetic Plight
Palpable Able to be touched or feltTouchable palpable
Prate To talk a great deal in a foolish or aimless fashionPointless and prate
Repose (v.) to rest; lie; place; (n.) relaxation, peace of mind, calmnessRest, Relax, Repose
Rapt Giving total attention to; captivatedReligiously Rapt
Unruly Badly behavedUncivilized and unruly
Undivulged Secret and not knownUndislosed and undivulged

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