Macbeth Review 26-37

Who tells Macbeth that Macduff is in England? Lennox
Who tries to calm Lady Macduff down when she is freaking out about why Macduff (her husband) left all of a sudden? Ross
What does Ross say to Lady Macduff when he is trying to calm her down? Macduff knows what hes doing, so calm down
What does Lady Macduff tell her son about her husband? he is dead
Why does Lady Macduff tell her son that his dad is dead? He might as well be dead since he is a traitor
Why doesn’t the son believe Lady Macduff when she tells him his father died? If he was really dead, Lady Macduff would have been crying
Who tries to warn Lady Macduff and son before they are murdered by Macbeth? a messenger
In England, what is the test that Malcolm gives Macduff to see if Macduff can be trusted? Malcolm tells him that he has a problem with (1)lust and (2) greed; therefore he would not be a good king. Then he goes on to say that he doesn’t even care about Scotland.
What did Macduff say that made him pass Malcolm’s test? When Malcolm said that he didn’t care about Scotland, Macduff said that he would be a terrible ruler and did not deserve to rule.
Who tells Macduff that his whole family has been murdered? Ross
What does Lady Macbeth do in her sleep? She sleep walks and talks, trying to get the blood, that only she can see, off of her hands. She feels so guilty about killing Duncan, that she has gone crazy.
Who witnesses Lady Macbeth spilling the beans about killing Duncan in her sleep? the maid and the doctor
How does Macbeth react when the doctor tells him that Lady Macbeth is losing her mind? He doesn’t really care, he asks “can’t you just erase part of her brain?”
What do the English and Scottish traitors do to make it look like they do not have as many men with them? they Get tree branches and carry them in front of them, so it is as if, from afar, they look like walking trees, but when they get closer to Macbeth’s castle, they will surprise attack with all of their men.
What is Macbeth’s reaction when Seyton tells him that his wife had died? he says “It happens, life isn’t important”
There are two battles with Macbeth at the end of the play. Name who the 1st and 2nd battles are with. 1st: Siward and son2nd: Macduff and Malcolm
Who kills young Siward? Macbeth
How was Macduff not technically born of a woman? his mother had a C-section when he was born.
Who kills Macbeth and how? Macduff; he cuts off his head
Who becomes the new king of Scotland? Malcolm
What does Malcolm say at the very end of the play? “We must welcome back all those who have left Scotland in fear of Macbeth.”

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