Macbeth Review

Who urges Macbeth to kill Duncan? Lady Macbeth
At the end of Act I, Duncan is traveling to? Macbeth’s Castle
Who are Malcolm and Donalbain? Duncan’s sons
Before he kills Duncan, Macbeth imagines he sees what floating before him? A dagger
Early in Act I, Macbeth hopes he can become king by: A. murdering DuncanB. getting rid of MalcolmC. pure chanceD. general election
Why does Macbeth SAY he killed the guards? because he was angry with them for killing the king
Who is the rightful heir to Duncan’s throne? Malcolm
What noble refuses to attend Macbeth’s coronation/ crowning? Macduff
Macbeth REALLY killed Duncan’s guards… to keep them from talking
What country has Malcolm fled to? England
What are the three titles that the witches give Macbeth? Thane of GlamisThane of CawdorThe future King
What do the witches predict about Banquo? Lesser than Macbeth but greaterNot as happy as Macbeth but happierYour descendants will be kings
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain leave Scotland? They are afraid that they will be murdered next.
What does Lady Macbeth do once it is discovered by everyone else that KIng Duncan is dead? Faints
Why was the previous Thane of Cawdor murdered? betrayed King Duncan

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