Macbeth Review

the tragic hero of the drama whose tragic flaw leads to his/her downfall Macbeth
provides comic relief after King Duncan’s death by pretending to be Hell’s gatekeeper thePorter
believes her husband is a traitor and is killed by Macbeth’s assassins Lady Macduff
initiates the plan to kill King Duncan and is initially very cruel and malicious; ends up killing herself from guilt in Act V Lady Macbeth
Banquo’s son who escapes Macbeth’s assassins Fleance
King Duncan’s younger son who escapes to Ireland Donalbain
King Duncan’s oldest son and heir to the throne; escapes to England and leads the English army in a battle to overthrow Macbeth; becomes the rightful king of Scotland in the end Malcolm
Macbeth’s friend who becomes highly suspicious of Macbeth in Act III; is killed by Macbeth’s assassins Banquo
the goddess of witchcraft Hecate
King of Scotland; very trusting and loyal to his subjects; murdered by Macbeth King Duncan
the original man was found to be traitorous and was killed for treason; the title was then given to Macbeth for his brave and loyal acts on the battlefield Thane of Cawdor
Witches’ first prediction Macbeth will be Thane of Cawdor
Witches’ second prediction Macbeth will be king
Witches’ third prediction Banquo’s descendants will be king, even though he will not be one himself
Does Lady Macbeth encourage or discourage her husband’s ambitions to become king using any way possible? She encourages him.
How does Duncan feel when he enters the castle in Act II? He feels a sense of security and is at ease with his surroundings.
How does Macbeth behave before the king’s murder in Act II? he begins to have second thoughts and hesitates to go through with the act
Who is the mastermind behind the king’s assassination? Lady Macbeth
Why does Macbeth claim he cannot kill Banquo and Fleance himself? He says that he has too many mutual friends and allies with Banquo, and he cannot risk losing their support.
Whose ghost haunts Macbeth at the banquet? Banquo’s ghost
How do the guests react to their king’s odd behavior at the banquet? They are confused because they cannot see the ghost themselves.
Besides Banquo, who else is missing from the banquet in Act III? Macduff; he has gone to England to align himself with Malcolm in hopes of overthrowing Macbeth
First apparition Armed head that says for Macbeth to beware Macduff
Second apparition Bloody child that says that Macbeth should not fear any man born of woman
Third apparition Crowned child with tree branch in hand that says that Macbeth shall not be vanquished until Birnam Wood marches to Dunsinane Hill
Final apparition a line of 8 kings, followed by a bloody Banquo
Why does the final apparition cause so much agitation for Macbeth? He realizes that Banquo’s prediction will still come true–his descendants will still be rulers of Scotland.
Who orders Macduff’s wife and children to be murdered and why? Macbeth orders them to be murdered because he discovers that Macduff has aligned himself with Malcolm and they plan to battle him for the throne.
What does Macbeth decide to do anyways after he receives the prophecy from the second apparition? Even though, he supposedly does not have to fear any man of woman-born, he plans to kill Macduff anyways for “good measure.”
Why is the doctor called to Macbeth’s castle? Lady Macbeth has been sleepwalking and behaving very strangely.
What command does Malcolm give his troops in Act V in order for them to camouflage themselves as they approach the castle? He commands them to use the tree branches from Birnam Wood to cover themselves in hopes of masking their numbers.
Does Macbeth see each of the apparitions’ prophecies come true? Yes. They were ambiguous messages that he did not interpret in the correct manner, but each of them did come true.
Why do the witches meet at the beginning of Act I? They meet to plan their later meeting with Macbeth.
Describe Macbeth’s actions on the battlefield in Act I. Loyal, brave, courageous, strong, capable of great violence
At the end of Act I, what concerns Lady Macbeth about Macbeth? She worries that he does not have what it takes to kill King Duncan in order to become king.
What does Macbeth see as part of a hallucination in Act II before King Duncan’s murder? a floating dagger
What type of irony is it that is exemplified in the fact that the audience knows that Macbeth wants to kill Duncan, but Duncan is unaware of the fact? dramatic irony
At the end of Act I and beginning of Act II, both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth wish for what to happen? They both desire for the predictions to come true, but in so doing, they call out for spirits to cover their evil deeds so that none may see them.
Why does Lady Macbeth hesitate to kill King Duncan? He reminds her of her own father.
When Macbeth begins to have second doubts about the murder, what does Lady Macbeth tell him? She calls him a coward who is less than a man; she further guilts him by telling him that she would sooner murder her own infant than go back on an oath
Describe Lady Macbeth. Manipulative, calculating, ambitions, motivated, cruel, selfish
How does Macbeth act after King Duncan’s murder? He shows great agitation and regret.
What, specifically, bothers Macbeth after King Duncan’s murder? He is especially agitated by all of the blood; he claims that Neptune’s great oceans will never be able to wash the blood from his hands.
How does Lady Macbeth respond after the king’s murder? She is very calm and collected; she claims that a little water will clear them of the deed.
Later in the play, why do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth claim to envy King Duncan? They say that he is dead and free from the trials and tribulations of life.
How does Hecate and the witches plan to ensure Macbeth’s downfall? by making him overconfident
Why is Macbeth so insistent that Banquo be killed? He does not want his crimes to benefit Banquo’s children.
In Act IV, of what does Malcolm try to convince Macduff? He tests him of his loyalties by telling him that he would bring more suffering upon Scotland because he has too many faults to qualify him as a virtuous king.
In Act V, what is the “damned spot” that Lady Macbeth refers to in her sleepwalking? Duncan’s bloodstain
In Act V, scene 8, why does Macbeth decide to fight Macduff, even though he knows he is fated to die? He finally takes responsibility for his actions and decides to fight and not run like a coward. He will not go down without a fight.
What does Macbeth finally realize about the witches in Act V? He realizes that they purposely deceived him with ambiguous messages.
Who do Lady Macbeth and Macbeth plan to frame for the murder of King Duncan? the guards

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