Macbeth Quotes: Good v. Evil + The Supernatural

“So foul and fair a day” “And the powers above put on their instruments” “black Macbeth” Macbeth and Malcolm are both used to highlight the others good and evil respectively
“Eye of newt, toe of from” “Liver of blaspheming Jew” “Fair is foul and foul is fair” The witches use frightening and unnatural language to set them apart from other characters
“Look how our parters rapt” “Stay you imperfect speakers! Tell me more!” “Can the devil speak true” The evil and darkness within Macbeth is shows during his first meeting with the witches
“Bless you faire dame” “God help thee poor monkey” “Have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums” “Make thick my blood” Lady Macbeth is contrasted with Lady Macduff who is presented as caring and loving
“none of a woman born shall harm Macbeth” “The fiend that lies like truth” Although the witches are believed to be evil characters they help to defeat Macbeth which is a good action
“(Thunder and Lightning)” “(Thunder)” The witches are always placed in dark locations
“Come you spirits” “Come thick night” “Nor heaven peep through…” Lady Macbeth is shown as accepting the darkness and attempting to draw the darkness to her”
“Look how our parters rapt” “Something wicked this way comes” “I will- to the weird sisters” Macbeth is drawn to and relies on the witches predictions
“Eye of newt, toe of frog” “Liver of blaspheming jew” “Finger of birth-strangled babe” The witches use strange and unnatural language when speaking which sets them apart from other characters
“Sleep shall neither night or day” “For none a woman born/ shall harm Macbeth” The witches are shown as knowing what will happen in the future which shows their other worldliness

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