Macbeth Quotes Fill in the Blank

foul (witches) “Fair is ___, and ___ is fair.”
light, desires (Macbeth) “Let not ___ see my black and deep ____.”
human kindness (Lady Macbeth) “Yet do I fear thy nature; it is too full of the milk of ____ _____.” (referring to Macbeth)
flower, serpent (Lady Macbeth) “Look like the innocent ____, but be the _____ under’t.” (referring to Macbeth)
unsex, cruelty (Lady Macbeth) “Come, you spiritsThat tend on mortal thoughts, ____ me here,And fill me from the crown to the toe top-fullOf direst ____!”
courage, fail (Lady Macbeth) “But screw your _____ to the sticking-place,And we’ll not ___.”
face, heart (Macbeth) “False ____ must hide what false ___ doth know.”
father (Lady Macbeth) “Had he not resembled My ____ as he slept, I had done’t.” (referring to Duncan)
dagger (Macbeth) “Is this a _____ which I see before me,The handle toward my hand?”
weird women, foully (Banquo) “Thou hast it now: King, Cawdor, Glamis, all,As the ____ _____ promised, and I fearThou play’dst most ____ for’t.” (referring to Macbeth)
desire, content (Lady Macbeth) “Nought’s had, all’s spent,Where our _____ is got without _____;”
destroy, joy (Lady Macbeth) “‘Tis safer to be that which we _____Than by destruction dwell in doubtful ___.”
blood (Macbeth) “They say, ____ will have ____.”
toil, trouble (witches) “Double, double ___ and _____;Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”
wicked (witches) “By the pricking of my thumbs,Something _____ this way comes.” (referring to Macbeth)
woman born (second apparition) “None of ____ ____Shall harm Macbeth.”
wood, Dunsinane (third apparition) “Macbeth shall never vanquish’d be untilGreat Birnam ____ to high ______ hillShall come against him.”
heart, hand (Macbeth) “From this momentThe very firstlings of my ____ shall beThe firstlings of my ___.”
spot (Lady Macbeth) “Out, damned ___! out, I say!”
blood (Lady Macbeth) “Yet who would have thought the oldman to have had so much ____ on him? (referring to Macbeth)
died (Macbeth) “She should have ___ hereafter.” (referring to Lady Macbeth)
tomorrow (Macbeth) “_____, and ______, and ______,Creeps in this petty pace from day to day.”
death, candle (Macbeth) “All our yesterdays have lighted foolsThe way to dusty ____. Out, out, brief ____!”
Macduff (Macduff) “_____ was from his mother’s wombUntimely ripp’d.”
water (Lady Macbeth) “A little ____ clears us of this deed.”
daggers (Donalbain) “There’s ____ in men’s smiles.”
shadow, player (Macbeth) “Life’s but a walking ____, a poor _____,That struts and frets his hour upon the stage.”
idiot, fury (Macbeth) “(Life) is a tale told by an ____, full of sound and ___, signifying nothing.”

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