Macbeth quotes

5 Their candles are all out. Take thee that too. 6 A heavy summons lies like lead upon me, 7 And yet I would not sleep. Merciful powers, 8 Restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature A. Banquo; B. Fleance; C. He is referring to the fact he wants to control his nightmares; D. Allusion to ACT 1 when Macbeth says, “Stars, hide your fires.”
Act 2; Scene 1; Line 14 A. Macbeth; B. Banquo; C. Answering Banquo about who he is. D. Banquo and Macbeth are best friends, but this is ironic, since he will backstab him.
33 Is this a dagger which I see before me, 34 The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee. 35 I have thee not, and yet I see thee still. A. Macbeth; B. Solioquy; C. Hallucination of a dagger to kill Duncan; D. Doesn’t have it, but can see it. Macbeth has gone off the deep end. This is also an apostrophe
36 Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible 37 To feeling as to sight? or art thou but 38 A dagger of the mind, a false creation, A. Macbeth; B. Solioquy; C. Apostrophe, expecting a response from the Dagger. D. Apperance vs Reality
40 I see thee yet, in form as palpable 41 As this which now I draw. 42 Thou marshall’st me the way that I was going; A. Macbeth; B. Solioquy; C. Macbeth is still hallucinating; D. This is another apostrophe, since he wants the knife to marshal or guide him to kill Duncan.
48 It is the bloody business which informs 49 Thus to mine eyes. Now o’er the one half-world 50 Nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse 51 The curtain’d sleep; witchcraft celebrates A. Macbeth; B. Solioquy; C. Macbeth is still hallucinating/long speech; D. This is a metaphor, that Duncan will be killed in his sleep
52 Pale Hecat’s off’rings; and wither’d Murder, A. Macbeth; B. Solioquy; C. Macbeth is almost finished with his hallucination trip; D. Pale Hecate is the God of Witchcraft.
I go, and it is done; the bell invites me. 63 Hear it not, Duncan; for it is a knell 64 That summons thee to heaven or to hell. A. Macbeth; B. Solioquy; C. Macbeth is done with his solioquy; D. He is telling Duncan that is regin is over.

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