macbeth quotes

scorpions in my mind animal imegery
make our minds vizard confusion and desception
tis safe to be… dwell in doubtful joy self doupt
we have scotched the snake,not killed it edge of insanity
scarf up the tender eye of pitful day personification
double double toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldren bubble foreshadows and has a double meaning
armed head forshadow macbeths beheading, first apperision
none of woman born /shall harm macbeth second apperision a “bloody child”
great birnam wood to high dunsinan hill apperision 3
it weeps, it blodds and each new day a gash/is added to her wounds… personification to scotland and calls macbeth a tyrant who is killing scotland
fair is foul and foul is fair witches-confusing language-equivocation
too full of the milk of human kindness lady macbeth-too full of humanity-metaphor
full of scopians is my mind macbeth-metaphor-his mind is full of poison
look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it lady maceth-garden of eden-temperess
make our faces vizards to our hearts disgusing what they are-macbeth-switching roles with lady macbeth
untimely ripped caesarean baby-macduff

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