Macbeth quotes

What quote shows that Macbeth acknowledges lady macbeth’s nature evil nature? “Bring forth man children only”
What quote shows Macbeth may be suffering from ptsd? “My dull brain”
What quote shows that lady Macbeth acknowledges her husbands weakness? “Full of the milk of human kindness”
What quote shows macbeths duplicitous nature in act 1 and that he has been manipulated by lady Macbeth ? “False face doth hide what false heart doth know”
What shows that lady Macbeth wants to be a male and is subversive? “Unsex me”-“take my milk for gall”
What shows that lady Macbeth is dominant? “Leave all the rest to me”
What quote shows that Macbeth loves lady Macbeth and his affection is true? “My dearest partner of greatness”-“my” is a possessive determiner
What does lady Macbeth say to Macbeth to emasculate him? “When you durst do it then you were the man”
What quote shows Macbeth is considering killing Duncan and is nervous “If we should fail?”
What shows lady Macbeth is power thirsty and only cares about his title? “Great glamis worthy Cawdor
What quote shows lady Macbeth thinks she is inspiring? “Pour my sprits in thine ear”

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