Macbeth Quotes

Act 1 Scene 3Speak if… Speak if you can what are youCommands the Witches, thinks he has authorityTheme = False Power
Act 1 Scene 3Why do you… Why do you dress me in borrowed robesMetaphorical, change in powerTheme = Fate, Power Ambition
Act 1 Scene 5My dearest… My dearest loveTreats Lady Macbeth normally instead of JacobeanTheme = Free Will of LM
Act 1 Scene 7Might be the… Might be the be all and end all hereHes gambling, risking everything for powerTheme = Changing fate
Act 2 Scene 1 Is this a… Is this a dagger I see before me, the handle toward my hand?Theme = Insanity, fate
Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeth does… Macbeth does murder sleep. He has murdered DuncanTheme = Power and Ambition
Act 2 Scene 4Dark night strangles… Dark night strangles the travelling lampThings turn dark after the murder of DuncanTheme = Darkness, Evil and Power
Act 3 Scene 1 Leave no… Leave no rubs nor botches in the work – Fleance his son He’s insane, brutal, destroy prophecyTheme = Fate, Insanity evil
Act 3 Scene 2 Full o’… Full O’ Scorpions is my mind dear,mad, insaneTheme = Insanity
Act 3 Scene 2 Sleep in the… Sleep in the affliction of these terrible dreamsSide effects of murder, Macbeth is having nightmaresTheme = Fate, insanity
Act 3 Scene 4Thou canst… Thou canst not say I did: Never shake thy glory locks at meTheme = Hallucinating, insane, psychotic
Act 4 Scene 2 The Castle of… The castle of Macduff i will surpriseSly, cowardly, kill FamilyTheme = Coward, Power
Act 5 Scene 3Till Birnam… Till Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane I cannot taint with fear,I wont be scared until ^^Prophecy comes trueTheme = Prophecy, fate
Act 5 Scene 5Hang our… Hang our banners on the outward walls,Ready to fight, regains warrior withinTheme = Power, Soilder
Act 5 Scene 5 She should have… She should have died hereafter,guilt, wants her a peaceful death, inconvenienceTheme = Guilt
Act 5 Scene 8I will not yield… I will not yield, to kiss the ground before young Malcolms feet,Will fight instead of humiliatedTheme = Power, Solider
Act 5 Scene 8RIP Macbeth is slain,Abrupt and quick deathTheme = fate, death

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