Macbeth Quote Review

There is but one down; the son is fled 3rd murderer to MacB, post murdering Banquo and not the son Fleance (pg 97) important bc he fled, meaning Banquo’s lineage lives on
To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus pg 89 Macbeth talking about how he’s gonna fight fate- later asks the murderers to murder Macbeth
Look like the innocent flower, be the serpent under it Lady Mac to Macbeth- This is important because Lady Macbeth wants Macbeth to seem innocent but be ruthless and harmful to anyone who stands in his way to becoming King.
heres the smell of blood still all the perfumes of arabia will not sweeten it Mirrors how “a little water will clear us of this deed” Lady macbeth changing her perspective
things without all remedy should be without regard Lady macbeth whats done is done
if much you note him, you shall offend him.. feed and regard him not Lady Macbeth at the dinner post killing Banquo, telling everyone to disregard how he’s having visions
lay on Macduff, and damn’d be him that first cries Hold Enough! pg 187- Macbeth saying screw you to anyone who surrenders
Naughts had all’s spent when our desire is got without content Lady Mac- all for nothing basically- its better to be that which we destroy
despair thy charm, and let the angel…untimely ripp’d Macduff- meaning macduff isn’t of woman born because she had a c section
i am in blood stepped so far…tedious as a go’er Macbeth- in too deep, can’t stop now bc its too late
the time has been that when the brains were out..than such a murder is Macbeth being hunted by Banquo
Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand…making the green one red MAcbeth, saying how blood of killing Duncan will stain the sea red with guilt
Thou hast it now king, cawdor, glamis, all as the weird women promis’d…of many kings Banquo- suspicious of how macbeth was able to get everything he wanted

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