Macbeth Quotations

“Fair is foul and foul is fair. Hover through the fog and filthy air.” The WITCHES: What you see is not always what you will get. Big difference between reality and illusion.
“For brave Macbeth, well he deserves that name – disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel, which smoked with bloody execution, like valor’s minion carved out his passage till he faced the slave; which never shook hands nor bade farewell to him till he unseamed him from the nave to the chops and fixed his head upon our battlements.” The CAPTAIN in the war who reports to King Duncan. He relates the story of Macbeth’s slaying of the traitor Macdonwald.
“No more that Thane of Cawdor shall deceive our bosom interest. Go pronounce his present death. And with his former title greet Macbeth.” KING DUNCAN: he will reward Macbeth with a new title to praise him for his loyalty to Scotland. (The Thane of Cawdor was a traitor too.)
“The Thane of Cawdor lives: Why do you dress me in borrowed robes?” MACBETH: Does not understand his new title. Clothing metaphor too.
“If good, why do I yield to that suggestion whose horrid image doth unfix my hair and make my seated heart knock at my ribs against the use of nature?” MACBETH: Thinking about killing King Duncan, which at this point is the only way Macbeth would become king, makes his heart shakes inside his ribs.

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