Macbeth Quizzes- Hawt study thingy

Will never be king but will be the father of kings (a) Banquo (3)
Comes up with the plan to assassinate the king (b) Lady Macbeth (2)
Duncan’s eldest son (c) Malcolm (4)
Executed for being a traitor (d) Thane of Cawdor (8)
“Hover through the fog and filthy air” (e) Three Witches (7)
Head cut off and placed on a sword (f) Macdonwald (5)
King of Scotland (g) Duncan (6)
If chance wants him to be king, “chance will crown” him (h) Macbeth (1)
True or False, The witches plan to meet Macbeth on a hill before the war. False
True or False, Lady Macbeth has doubts about whether they should kill the king False
True or False, the war was between Scotland and Sweden False
True or False, Lady Macbeth said “Take my milk for gall, you murd’ring ministers” True
True or False, Macbeth initially had doubts about the witches’ prophecies True
What does “False face must hide what the false heart doth know” mean? You must hide your true feelings (d)
Lady Macbeth’s plan is to blame the murder on: Duncan’s guards (a)
Why did the witches harm the fat lady’s husband? She wouldn’t share her chestnuts (b)
How does Lady Macbeth react when Macbeth calls off the plan? She is furious (c)
Why is Banquo confused by the witches? He thinks they are women, but they have beards (b)
“But this place is too cold for hell” Porter
imagines a dagger leading him to the king’s chamber Macbeth
Banquo’s son Fleance
“Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead are but pictures.” Lady Macbeth
Found the king dead Macduff
Sees the “daggers in men’s smiles” Donalbain
Saw the king’s horses eat each other Ross
arrives with Macduff to wake the king Lennox
Has nightmares about the witches Banquo
Flees to England Malcolm
True or False, the weather and environment are indicators of strange happenings in this act. True
True or False, Macbeth does not have any second thoughts about killing King Duncan, since the witches said it must happen False
True or False, Macbeth lies to Banquo, stating that he never thinks of the witches True
True or False, Macbeth is afraid of what will happen to him, since he is unable to say “amen” True
True or False, Lady Macbeth could not murder the king herself because Duncan looked too much like her father. True
True or False, Lady Macbeth murders Duncan’s guards when she feels Macbeth has failed. False
True or False, Lady Macbeth is upset that there is so much blood involved in killing Duncan. False
True or False, Macbeth gets drunk in this act. False
The Porter is meant to provide comic relief. True
The men understand and appreciate Macbeth killing Duncan’s guards. False
“Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck/ Till thou applaud the deed.” Macbeth
suspects Macbeth of Banquo’s murder Lennox
“Naught’s had, all’s spent,/ Where our desire is got without content.” Lady Macbeth
angry she was not consulted in Macbeth’s affairs and to be able to show her “art” Hecate
Safety escapes the ambush Fleance
suspects Macbeth of murdering Duncan Banquo
Refused Macbeth’s summons Macduff
safely living in England with King Edward Malcolm
True or False, two murderers ambushed Banquo False
True or False, Macbeth startles his dinner guests by suffering from an epileptic seizure False
True or False, Macbeth sees the ghost of Duncan at the table. False
True or False, Lady Macbeth sees the ghost. False
True or False, Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth that he needs some sleep. True
True or False, The goddess of witchcraft is named is named Hecate. True
True or False, Lady Macbeth is beginning to regret how she became queen. True
True or False, Banquo secretly hopes that the witches’ prophecies will come true for him, too. True
True or False, Macbeth is okay with not having his sons take over the throne, as long as he is able to be king. False
True or False, Macbeth tells the murders that he would kill Banquo himself, but it wouldn’t “look good” to others if he did. True

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