Macbeth Questions – Grace, Lauren, and Sarah

How does Macbeth’s character develop, and what does this show about how power impacts an individual? Power can corrupt an individual, making them greedy. Power influences an individual to do whatever they can to gain as much power as possible.
Why did Macduff and Malcolm flee to England? They plan to overthrow Macbeth with the help of the English King.
“The castle of Macduff I will surprise….” (IV.i.150). Why does Macbeth decide to do this? He wants to send a message to Macduff to show that he is in power.
“I have done no harm. But I remember now / I am in this earthly world, where to do harm / Is often laudable, to do good sometime / Accounted dangerous folly” (IV.ii.70-73). Who says this? Lady Macduff
Why does Macduff’s wife claim that Macduff has died to their son? Macduff hasn’t been around and loyal to the family so she considers him dead to her and the family.
“Be bloody, bold, and resolute! Laugh to scorn / the pow’r of man, for none of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth” (IV.i.79-81). Who has this line in the play, and what does it mean? The Second Apparition; no mortal man can harm Macbeth
What are the witches doing in the beginning of the scene, and what does this reveal about their characters? They are making a potion with gruesome ingredients. This shows how dark their characters are.
Who gives Macuduff the news about his wife and children being murdered? Ross
How does Macbeth’s tone change the second time he visits the witches? The first time he is cautious, the second time he is desperate
Why do you think Shakespeare chose to send the messenger before the murderers came to Macduff’s family? To add drama and foreshadowing. Maybe Lady Macbeth sent the messenger.

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