Macbeth PPT

Shakespeare was born Stratford of Avon
How many plays did he write 37
What was Shakespeare’s theater the globe
Define Tragedy Downfall of dignified character
Aristotle’s Five staged Of Tragedy Character makes wrong choice based on his flawCharacter suffersCharacter perceives his errorCharacter diesOrder is restored
What is an error in judgement Tragic Flaw (hamartia)
Time of Shakespeare English RenaissanceKing James succeeds
Written for King James I
Also called The Scottish Play
Iambic Pentameter Five iambic feet, ten syllables with five unstressed and five stressed
Full title Tragedy of Macbeth
Setting Scotland, briefly England
What is setting Time and place
What is dialogue Written conversation
Soliloquy Long speech expressing thought of character of stage
Aide Words spoken in undertone Not intended for characters
Foreshadowing Hint of things to come
Verbal irony words used to suggest the opposite of what it means
Situational irony An event occurs that directly contradicts the expectation of the characters, reader, or audience
Dramatic irony The audience knows something the audience doesn’t
Blood represents Guilt
Sleep represents Innocence
Clothing represents Appearance vs reality
Water represents Cleansing
Recurring MOTIFS BloodClothing Natural orderInsomnia
Theme of Macbeth Take of dangers of the list for power and betrayal of friends
King Duncan is Murdered by MacbethHonest and good
Malcolm and Donalbain Son of kingMalcolm’s eldest son
Who is Banguo an ancestor of King James I
macduff js Scottish generalSuspects Macbeth
Act one most important Fair is foul and foul is fair
Who does Macbeth fight in war Macdonwald
Explain the battle Evenly matchedMacbeth fought all the way though Mavdonwald’s men until hitting himNorway sends new troops, which are also demolishedThe old Thane of Cardiff comes and fights
Who says “why do you dress me in borrowed robes Macbeth
First set of Apparitions Macbeth: tell him he will be the Thant of Glamis, Cawdor, and kingBanguo: lesser than Macbeth but greater, not as happy but happier, you will father kings
There is no art to find the minds construction in face. He was a gentleman in whom I built an absolute trust Duncan
Come to my woman’s breast and take my milk for gall Lady Macbeth
IMPORTANT: four initial prophecies MB thane of CawdorBQ father of king, but not himselfMB will become KingBA will be lesstet that MB but greater
The last prophecies Armed head – beware MacduffBloody Child -No one born of a women shall harm MacbethChild Holding Stick – MB will not be defeated unless Brinham Wokds move to DunsinaneLooking Glass- eight generations of Banquo

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