MacBeth plot + Characters

MacBeth becomes the Bane of Cawdor, is given a prophecy by the Witches to become King, cannot be killed by a man born of woman, makes the famous “Tomorrow speech”
Lady MacBeth The mastermind behind the plot to kill King Duncan, places the blood onto the guards to frame them for Duncan’s murder, goes mad with regret for her crime, kills herself
Banquo his children will inherit the Scottish throne, does not act upon the witches prophecy, is killed by Macbeth, has a son named Fleance, comes back to haunt MacBeth as a ghost
King Duncan Precedes Macbeth as king, has two son’s, Malcolm (who later takes the throne) and Donalbain
MacDuff is opposed to MacBeth’srule, flees to England, his family is killed by MacBeth, is not born of Woman so he can kill MacBeth
Maclolm Son of Duncan, flees after the death of his father, is approached by MacDuff in order to take back the throne of Scottland
Hecate goddess of magic who helps the three witches receive their power
Fleance Banquo’s son, survives the attack against his life ordered by MacBeth
Porter drukken doorman at MacBeth’s castle
Lady MacDuff MacDuffs wife, is murdered along with her children
Act 1 Scene 1: major plot points the witches meet together to talk where they will meet next and foreshadow that things will change
Act 1 Scene 2: a wounded military man retells the battles that took place , macbeth slew Macdonwald, the thane of Cawdor has been defeated and put to death, Macbeth will be given the title thane of Cawdor
Act 1 Scene 3: the witches first appear to Macbeth and Banquo and tell them their prophecy, Macbeth will be king but banquos decedents will rule, Macbeth and Banquo talk of the prophecy, Macbeth starts to ponder the witches prophecy
Act 1 Scene 4: takes place at the king’s palace, Duncan learns of the Bane of Cawdor’s death, ban quo and Macbeth are thanked by the king, Duncan announces his intention to make Malcolm King, plans are made to dine at MAcbeth’s later that evening
Act 1 Scene 5: Lady Macbeth is warned that Duncan will be dining with them and of the witches prophecy, Lady MAcbeth delivers the “unsex me” speech so she can do what is necessary to take the crown
Act 1 Scene 6: Duncan arrive outside Macbeth’s castle, he is grateful for the hospitality and complements the Macbeth’s, lady Macbeth flatters the king and is flattered in return so Duncan goes inside
Act 1 Scene 7: macbeth ponders the assassination of Duncan, he declares his willingness to do what is necessary, he considers the reasons not to kill duncan, he realizes his one ambition is not a proper guide, lady macbeth questions Macbeth;s manhood, she tells him her plan to kill duncan
Act 2 Scene 1: Fleance and Banquo arrive at Macbeths castle but ban quo will not sleep, Banquo suggests that there might be some truth to the witches prophecy to which Macbeth replies that he hash;t thought about the three weird sisters, they agree to talk later, Macbeth gives the “is this a dagger I see before me speech”, the first steps of ducans murder start
Act 2 Scene 2: Macbeth kills Duncan but forgets to place the daggers with the guards, Lady Macbeth goes back to finish the job and frame the guards, when she leaves there is a mysterious knocking, when she comes back her and her husband wash the blood off their hands in their bedroom
Act 2 Scene 3: The porter stumbles in and makes a comment about the knocking and drinking, Lennox and Macduff show up to see Duncan, (there was a storm the knight before) the news that the king has been murdered are told, macbeth says that he killed the chamberlains in anger, Macduff is suspicious that they died, the kings sons flee
Act 2 Scene 4: Ross and an old man discuss the ominous things that happened in Macbeth’s castle, the setting is mentioned (it is day but dark out, an owl killed a falcon on tuesday, the well-trained horse ate eachother and acted wildly), Macduff reveals Macbeth has been made king, the suspicion of the King’s death goes to the sons because they fled

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