Macbeth Objective

King of Scotland preceding Macbeth Duncan
King of Scotland following Macbeth Malcolm
An innocent woman who is murdered Lady Macduff
A guilty woman whose sleep is troubled Lady Macbeth
A boy who escapes Macbeths attempt to have him murdered Fleance
A boy who is murdered by macbeths hired assassins Macduffs Son
A man who yields to the evil power of the witches Macbeth
A man whose son is slain by macbeth in hand to hand combat Siward
A murdered man whose ghost appears to his murderer Banquo
A person who supplies the only touch of humor in the play Porter
t/f Macbeth appears in the play as a successful general True
t/f The witches prophesy that Macbeth will be made thane of Cawdor True
t/f Lady Macbeth tried to dissuade her husband from the murder False
t/fDuncan suspects that harm will come to him at Macbeths castle False
t/fThe drunken porter first discovers the murder of duncan False
t/fOne of the three murderers comes to speak to Macbeth during the banquet True
t/f Banquo’s ghost appears and chances more than once at the banquet True
t/f The apparitions leave Macbeth with he impression that no one can harm him True
t/f Malcom represents himself to Macduff as being better than he really is False
t/f Most of Macbeths followers are loyal to him during the siege of the castle False
The witches prophesy that Banquo will be Ancestor of kings
Lady Macbeth eagerly welcomes duncan to her castle because She wants an opportunity to murder him
Lady Macbeth does not kill duncan because Duncan resembles her father
Macbeth refuses to smear the grooms with blood because He is afraid to go back into the room
The knocking on the gate is done by Macduff and Lennox
The grooms are killed by Macbeth
Maclom flees the country because He fears that he might be murdered
Banquo is killed by Murders hired by Macbeth
Macbeth is distressed by Fleances escape because He thinks that Banquos descendants will become kings
Macbeth belief that he saw the ghost of Banquo is a result of Nerves
Malcolm misrepresents himself to Macduff because He was to test Macduff
In her sleep walking scene Lady Macbeth Makes confused reference to past murders
Macbeth meets his end with Desperate bravado
Macbeth is killed by Macduff
After Macbeths death the crown of scotland is given to Malcolm

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