Macbeth Notes: Act 5

Scene 1 Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking.Doctor: Besides opening pretend piece of paper, has she said anything?Gentlemen: Yes, but I ain’t gonna say….A taper is a candleWhile she is sleepwalking, she tries to wash her hands. She does to ‘wash away the blood from the murders’. She can’t ‘wash it off’.[actual quote available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.]Lady Macbeth mentions the 3 murders to the people. Those being the murders of…1. Duncan, which had ‘so much blood’2. Lady Macduff, ‘where she at?’3. BanquoDoctor concludes that her problem cannot be cured by him, but rather it is a religious issue that she needs to seek a priests help for.
Scene 2 There is an army invading Scotland. They are being led by:1. Malcolm2. Siward3. MacduffSeveral Scottish soldiers will meet with Malcolm to side with his army. This means that there won’t be much of a fight.
Scene 3 Macbeth: Give her drugs!Doctor: You might be fearless but I am too fearful to do that!
Scene 4 Malcolm orders the soldiers to cut down a tree, hold it over each group, and march with them on top. This provides cover for them and is a sign of dramatic irony.
Scene 5 Macbeth hears a Women’s scream and says: “Man that Woman was loud. I used to be disturbed by that, but now it doesn’t make less of a difference to me.”That woman was Lady Macbeth. Her death can be ruled in one of 2 theories.1. She accidentally fell off of one of the balconies in the Castle.2. She committed suicide, since she couldn’t handle the scale of the crimes they comitted.Macbeth reflects on life, the quote and its meaning are available here>>>[actual quote available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.]Messenger looks at the top of Dunsinance Hill. He spots a problem and informs Macbeth.Messenger: Hey, there are trees marching towards the Castle.Macbeth: Your crazy.Messenger: No, no take a look. [show him]Macbeth: Son of a…!
Scene 6 The army arrives to the Castle. They put down the trees. They are ready to fight.
Scene 7 Macbeth has the mind set that “No one can hurt me!”. After getting in a quarrel with Young Siward, he stabs him.The army walks into the Castle.The fight is 10,000 to 100. There isn’t much of a fight.Macbeth’s 100 are hired mercenaries, and knowing that they are significantly outnumbered, instantly surrender.
Scene 8 Macbeth walks into the Courtyard. All of the army lines up and surrounds him.Here usually, a character would commit suicide so that they don’t die by someone from the other side. Macbeth is still in the mindset that he is invincible, and does not kill himself.Macduff walks up to Macbeth. It’s now Macduff vs Macbeth.Macbeth: I killed your family, go away. I live a charmed life. Besides, you were born by a woman, so you can’t hurt me.Macduff: I was born by C-section. I wasn’t actually born by a Woman so your not invincible to me.Macbeth and Macduff. All of a sudden Macbeth says “I don’t want to fight you anymore.”Macduff: That’s fine. We’ll put you in a cage, in a zoo, and treat you like an animal. (Basically make him a Harambe exhibit)This makes Macbeth mad, he starts fighting him again.Macbeth is ready to kill Macduff and he says something important before doing so, the quote and its meaning are available here>>>[actual quote available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.]Siward found out about his sons death. He inquires the question “Where was he stabbed?” He was stabbed in the front. Siward is happy to hear this because that means that he didn’t die like a person running away, he died a solders death and he couldn’t be more proud.Macduff stabs Macbeth, killing him.Malcolm is going to be named the new king of Scotland.The main character always has a tragic flaw which leads to their downfall in a tragedy. The theories are:1. He was too easily persuaded.2. He taking everything too literally.Witches didn’t say he was invincible, but rather they hinted at when he would be wounded and who would murder him.The End!

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