Macbeth Notes: Act 3

Scene 1 Keep in mind that Macbeth and Banquo are still best friends at this point. Banquo, however, thinks that Macbeth killed Duncan.The witches said to Banquo that his children will become kings after Macbeth dies. It is said that if Banquo does something to mess with that, then his children will not become kings.Macbeth invites Banquo to dinner, and his response to the question was odd. He basically said “Well you’re the king, so why should I disobey your order?”Parricide is the killing of a parentAt this point in time, Macbeth chalks up 2 reasons to kill Banquo:1) He knows the witches prophesies and if they are released, Macbeth is in trouble.2) Macbeth’s children cannot become Kings, so “He wants to get rid of competition.”Macbeth found 2 murderers who were living horribly, and he tells them that it is all to blame on Banquo.Macbeth: “You gonna put up with Banquo’s crap?”Murderer 1: “I’m a man! I can put up with it!”Macbeth: “Well, ok. There are many types of men just like there are dogs [he lists many good and bad types, all ranging from valuable to worthless]”Murderer 2: “I’d kill anyone that messed with me!”Murderer 1: “I can’t stoop lower in life. Eh, what do I got to lose? I’ll help kill Banquo.”Because Macbeth and Banquo share common friends, it would be weird if he committed the crime himself, so that’s why he hires these people to do it.Macbeth also tells them to kill Fleance who would be a witness to the crime.
Scene 2 Lady Macbeth is Queen[actual quote available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.] Here is basically what It says: “I got the throne, and all the perks that come with it, but I’m not happy.”Lady Macbeth: “Macbeth spends his days daydreaming horrible stuff.” She thinks he needs to stop thinking in such a pessimistic manner, as he is now the King.[actual quote available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.] Macbeth basically says: “I need to tie up loose ends.” He says that he is indeed king but not 100% king.Macbeth feels miserable, borderline suicidal. He states “Man do I envy Duncan.” which the irony behind that is that Duncan is dead.He thinks that once Banquo is dead, his “headaches” will be gone.Macbeth: “Something horrible is about to happen!”Lady Macbeth: “What?”Macbeth: “I’m not going to tell you. Once it happens, you’ll find out.”Macbeth feels like he cannot trust anyone and therefore, does not tell Lady Macbeth of what is coming.
Scene 3 Macbeth sent a 3rd Murderer to help with the crime since he felt that the other 2 were not competent enough to come through.They did kill Banquo however, Fleance “Flew away” [for a test pointer here, join my remind to gain access to exclusive sets. Text @mrashr to 81010.]They failed to kill Fleance as he got away.
Scene 4 1st Murderer comes to the door of the dinner at Macbeth’s castle.He says in essence “Banquo is dead” [actual quote available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.] He also says, in essence “Fleance has fled”.[actual quote available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.]Lady Macbeth says to Macbeth: “This party sucks.”Banquo’s ghost takes a seat in the only empty seat at the table. No one can actually see him.When prompted to take a seat, this is what occurred:Macbeth: “I can’t believe Banquo is not here.”Ross: “There is an empty seat, take it.”Macbeth: “The table is full.”Lennox: “No,no come here.”Macbeth: “Where?”Everyone is freaked out by the way Macbeth is acting. They all make their way to the exit.Lady Macbeth tries to stop them from all going out, claiming that Macbeth has episodes in which he acts like this. Macbeth see’s the ghost of Banquo and is scared. He tells Lady Macbeth, and her response was “There is no ghost, its just like the floating dagger, its nothing to worry about.”Macbeth yells at the ghost and then everyone is anxiously walking out. They haven’t left yet but they are leaving in masses.Macbeth says: “I miss the good old days when you killed someone, they would be dead.”Macbeth: “I have these episodes. I’m alright though.” he calms downThe ghost walks inEveryone returns to their seatsMacbeth: “Cheers to Banquo.”Macbeth [with the presence of the ghost]: “I’ll fight anything, but how do I fight a ghost?”Ghost: “I thought I was brave. But how can’t you see me?”ghost walks outRoss: “Look at what?”Lady Macbeth: “EVERYONE OUT!”everyone walks out[actual quote available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.] In essence, Macbeth says, the ghost is here for revenge.Macbeth: “Macduff refused to come tonight.”Lady Macbeth: “How do you know that?”Macbeth: “I have a spy there. I’m going to see the weird sisters soon.”The scene ends with a quote by Macbeth. In essence, it says “I might as well kill Macduff since I’ve done all the evil that I could.”
Scene 5 [important detail available in my EBM set! Join my remind for access! Text @mrashr to 81010.]Hecate is the queen/goddess of the witches. She is the boss and has control over them.Hecate is mad at what the 3 witches did to mess with Macbeth, without her permission. However, she basically says “This is going pretty well, so keep doing what you are doing.”
Scene 6 Lennox is Macbeth’s friend. He is suspicious of Macbeth. He basically says “And wasn’t it convenient that he saw dead Duncan, and that he killed the 2 only possible witnesses to the murder out of anger.”He also mentions “I hear Macduff lives in disgrace.” The king (Macbeth) summoned him and he never showed up, because he is in England. He is there to meet up with Malcolm and recruit an army to overthrow Macbeth from power.

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