macbeth- Natural vs. Supernatural

The Witches greet Macbeth as what when they first appear? Thane of Cawdor and King hereafter.
Banquo notes that the atars aren’t shining, and begs angels to save him from the dark thoughts that have plagued him since what? Since he heard the Witches prophecy of his descendants becoming king.
What does Macbeth see right before killing Duncan? A bloody dagger floating in the air.
Storms and unnatural events rage across Scotland as Macbeth does what? Kills King Duncan.
What does it mean when Macbeth says his head is full of scorpions? That his mind is full of bad images and thoughts.
Who is head of the Witches? Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft.
Macbeth asks the Witches if Banquo’s descendents will really be king. They answer yes, and then show him what? A line of Banquo’s descentents dressed at kings.
Malcolm tells Macduff that King Edward is so saintly that he can what? Cure disease with a touch.
Macbeth taunts Macduff because he is not scared of Macduff. Then Macduff states what that causes Macbeth to become afraid? Macduff was born by caesarian section.
Who tells Macbeth to fear Macduff? The Witches.

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