Macbeth Multiple Choice

Main setting of “Macbeth” Scotland
Macbeth acts as he does because he Is ambitious
The witches encourage Macbeth to Further their own interests
Lady Macbeth’s motive for urging Macbeth on is Ambition for her husband to gain power and prestige
The witches Implant the evil deed in Macbeths mind
Banquo’s son is Fleance
The weird sisters represent Evil temptation in the world
Lady Macbeth fails to kill Duncan because He looks like her father
Morally, Banquo is Strong
Macduff Is guilty of leaving his family
As a king, Macbeth is Tyrannical and unjust
An Armes Head warns Macbeth of Thane of Fife
The turning point of Macbeth’s success comes from 1. Banquo’s ghost appearing2. Lady Macbeth’s death3. Fleance escaping
Macbeth meets his death Question 85
Macbeth’s companion the first time he meets the witches Banquo
Duncan is murdered by Macbeth
Malcom flees to England
The “third” murder is sent by Macbeth? For Banquo?
The bloody grooms are killed by Macbeth
Just before the signal is given my Lady Macbeth, Macbeth sees Daggers
Hecate is linked to Witches
Immediately after Duncan’s death, Macbeth is Guilty
Banquo is killed by Hired murderers
MAcbeth believes He has a charmed life
At his Wife’s death, Macbeth accepts fate
Macbeth’s True character is revealed through his soliloquies
Macbeth’s evil side is associated with Darkness
The tragic flaw in MAcbeth is Ambiton

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