Macbeth Macbeth

At the end of Act I scene one, the Witches state what phrase that becomes a theme of the play? “Fair is foul, Foul is fair.”
What country’s king is Scotland fighting in Act I scene two? Norway, King Sweno
How is Fortune described? Why? As a ***** – it is fickle
What two people are revealed as traitors to Duncan in Act I? the Thane of Cawdor and MacDonwald
Witches cannot kill, but what do they do to make trouble for humans? Equivocate
What is the magic number to wind up a charm used by the Witches? Three
By what three titles do the Witches name Macbeth in Act I scene three? Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, King
What do the witches predict for Banquo? Lesser than Macbeth but greater,” “Less happy, but happier,” Banquo will beget kings, but will not be king.
What action does Macbeth contemplate in relationship to the Witches’ predictions? Killing King Duncan, or just waiting to see if he can become king without doing anything.
How does the thane of Cawdor die? He is executed- he dies well, bravely, asking forgiveness, and confessing to his treason.
What honor does King Duncan give Malcolm? Why is this a problem for Macbeth? He give him the title ‘Prince of Cumberland, which means Malcolm is named heir to the throne of Scotland. This is a problem for Macbeth because he thought he was going to be named hair (he is jealous and envious) and he now thinks he might have to kill Malcolm, or somehow go around him to achieve kingship.
What does Macbeth write to Lady Macbeth in Act I scene five? He writes about the Witches predictions.
What is Lady Macbeth’s opinion of Macbeth’s level of ambition? Macbeth has a low to no level of ambition.
Why does Lady Macbeth ask to be unsexed? In Act I scene five? So she will have the emotional strength of a man and thus be able to plan and execute the regicide.
Who is coming to visit Macbeth in his castle during this act? What does this visit show? King Duncan – it shows great honor for Macbeth, and is meant as a reward for Macbeth’s superior military service.
At the beginning of Act I scene six, how is “foul is fair and fair is foul” illustrated by Duncan’s remark about the castle? Duncan states the castle looks lovely (fair), when in fact Macbeth and his wife are plotting to kill Duncan in the castle (foul).
How does Lady Macbeth get Macbeth to take action when he is indecisive? She calls him coward, unmanly, and states he does love her.
What is “the ornament of life?” The crown of the king.
What plan do the Macbeths hatch to murder Duncan? Lady Macbeth will put a sleeping draft in the drinks of Duncan’s guards – Macbeth will use the daggers of the sleeping guards to kill the king, and plant the bloody daggers on the guards. Lady Macbeth states she would have killed the sleeping King Duncan, but when she was putting the sleeping draft in the cups of the guards, she noticed King Duncan looked like her sleeping father.
What gift does King Duncan give to Lady Macbeth? Duncan gives Lady Macbeth a diamond – because it is an expression of honor, as the diamond is the highest gem on the Great Chain of Being
What is Macbeth’s response when Banquo mentions he dreamed of the witches? I never dream of them – he is suspicious Banquo might tell others he and Macbeth have seen and spoke with the Witches.
Explain the dagger speech in which Macbeth contemplates killing Duncan. What does he decide to do? He flip-flops about the act of the regicide – Duncan is a good king, he is kin, he is in Macbeth’s house, he loves Macbeth and gives him honors, promising him more, but Macbeth decides to kill Duncan only for his [Macbeth’s] “vaulting ambition”
What animal is referred to as “the fatal bellman?” owl- the screech of an owl was often interpreted as an omen of death
When the “…owl screams and the crickets cry,” what concept is illustrated? Nature’s response to regicide – chaos
Why does Lady Macbeth say she cannot kill King Duncan? He reminds her of her sleeping father
What is Macbeth feeling after the killing of Duncan? Fear of discovery and wariness
On whom do the Macbeths blame the killing of Duncan? The bloody daggers on Duncan’s guards – she smears blood on the sleeping guards.
What evidence does Lady Macbeth plant? What noises do the Macbeths hear that makes them wary? She uses the two bloody daggers. They hear knocking.
What does Macbeth state will not wash the blood from his hands? all Neptune’s ocean
The Porter scene, scene 3 Act II, is put in for what purpose? comic relief
What three things does the porter say are provoked by drinking? nose-painting, lechery, and urine
Explain why drink is a great equivocator of lechery. It arouses desire, but does not allow completion
What is nature’s response to regicide? chaos
Why does Macbeth contend he killed Duncan’s guards? he loved Duncan, they were friends. He is also related to Duncan.
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain decide to leave? Where does each go? hey fear they will be the next to be killed – Malcolm goes to England, Donalbain to Ireland
The last line of the act, “That would make good of bad, and friends of foes!” illustrates what theme stated as the last line of Act I? Fair is foul and foul is fair
Why does Macbeth invite Banquo to a banquet? to kill him and Fleance
Why does Macbeth ask Banquo so many questions about Banquo’s plans before the banquet? To find out where he and Fleance will be to arrange for the murders to be there
What fears does Macbeth have about Banquo? That he will tell people about the Witches
How does Macbeth convince the two men to kill Banquo? He says Banquo is the cause of all their misfortunes
When Lady Macbeth finds Macbeth thinking about the murder of Duncan, what phrase does she use to try to get Macbeth’s mind off the deed? “What’s done is done.”
Why does Macbeth not tell Lady Macbeth about his plans to murder Banquo and Fleance? So she will not interfere with his plans, and he can impress her with his murderous ambition
Who might the third murderer be, who shows up at the murder scene? Macbeth or the attendant (servant)
What goes wrong with the murder plan? Fleance escapes
Why does Macbeth refuse to sit down at the banquet? He sees Banquo sitting in his seat
What excuse does Lady Macbeth make about her husband’s behavior? He has always been this way – just a custom
What does Macbeth tell Lady Macbeth he saw at the banquet? He says it was a “horror” – he never names Banquo
What is her response to Macbeth’s strange behavior? To tell him to stop being a coward
Where does Macbeth decide to go to gain more information about his fate? To see the witches
Why is Hecate angry with the three witches? They have not included her in their machinations with Macbeth, and they have chosen Macbeth, who is already evil to make more evil – she thinks they should have chosen someone more innocent.
What suspicions does Lennox express to the other lord with whom he speaks? that Macbeth might have murdered Duncan
Who is planning to send help to vanquish Macbeth from Scotland? Why would this person be willing to do this? King Edward I of England – he is related to Duncan, Malcolm, and Donalbain
Where has Macduff gone? What are his intentions? To England. To help Malcolm defeat Macbeth
What incantation do the witches state in Act IV scene 1? What is the incantation intended to do, and at whom is it aimed? “Double, double, toil and trouble,” a curse on Macbeth that he will have to work twice as hard in life as anyone else, and that he will have twice the troubles in life as anyone else
Explain the apparition of the armed head. “Beware Macduff”
Explain the apparition of the bloody child Macduff – born by cesarean section – no man born of woman can kill Macbeth
Explain the apparition of the child crowned with a tree in his hand. Malcolm – Macbeth will be safe until the wood of Birnam moves to Dunsinane hill
Explain the “show of eight kings, the last with a glass in his hand; Banquo’s ghost following. Shows that Banquo’s children do become kings – honors King James as an descendant of Banquo – the mirror reflects his face in Shakespeare’s time, and in modern productions shows the thousands of descendants as the audience
What is Shakespeare’s compliment to King James in this Act? Explain the stagecraft involved- honors King James as an descendant of Banquo
When Macbeth finds out Macduff has fled to England, what evil plan does he plot? To kill Macduff’s family and all his household
Why is Lady Macduff angry with Macduff? What does she tell her son about his father? She believes he has deserted her, and their children and is a traitor She states to her son that his father is dead – the little boy knows differently
What does Ross intimate about Macduff’s actions? He tries to get Lady Macduff to believe Macduff is loyal, and has not deserted her. He cannot comeout and tell the truth, as he is aware there are spies in the house planted by Macbeth, and does not want to put her in danger
Explain what theme the following lines relate to, which are spoken by Lady Macduff in Act IV scene 2: I am in this earthly world, where to do harm /Is often laudable, to do good sometime/Accounted dangerous folly…” “Fair is foul and foul is fair.”
Explain the four reasons Malcolm explains to Macduff about his inability to be a good king. He is worse than Macbeth, he will take all the women in Scotland, he will take all the land in Scotland, he has no kingly qualities
Why does Malcolm lie to Macduff about his qualities? To test his loyalty
How many troops are the English sending to Scotland? 10,000
Who will the English general be who will head these troops? Old Siward
What news does Ross bring to Malcom and Macduff in England? he tells Malcolm and Macduff of the murders of Macduff’s family and his household
How does his news affect Macduff’s resolve to fight with Malcolm against Macbeth? it increases Macduff’s resolve to fight Macbeth to avenge the deaths of his family
Explain Lady Macbeth’s sleep walking. Her restless sleep walking is a sign of her insanity
What murders does she reveal? Duncan, Banquo, and Lady Macduff
Why do the doctor and Gentlewoman agree to keep secret Lady Macbeth’s words? Out of loyalty, and the fact if Macbeth found out he would kill them
What is Lady Macbeth referring to when she says, “Out, damned spot!”? a figurative spot of blood on her hand from the killing of Duncan, and perhaps guilt as well over the other murders committed by Macbeth in the play
Explain the meaning of ill-fitting clothes in this act and in the play in general. If the status of a person is not true, in other words – that person is not entitled to wear the clothes of a certain status/rank in the Great Chain of Being, than the ‘clothes don not fit,’ and that person is dissembling – presenting a false identity
Why is Macbeth still feeling secure, even though he knows troops are invading Scotland? He is depending on the Witches’ predictions that no man born or woman can kill him, and that the wood of Birnam will not be able to come up Dunsinane hill
Why does Macbeth not respond to Lady Macbeth’s state of ill health? He is trying to organize and supervise his troops to survive
What is the doctor’s diagnosis of Lady Macbeth’s condition? She must cure herself – there is nothing medicine can do
Explain how the wood of Birnam moves. Malcolm has his troops cut down branches to use as camouflage as they march up Dunsinane hill
Explain the makeup of Macbeth’s forces the troops are made up of people Macbeth threatens with death unless they fight with him, and also those who are really evil – very few stay with him
Explain Macbeth’s view of life as expressed in the “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…” speech. He is depressed, hopeless, and defeated – he realizes his life has amounted to nothing
Why is it dishonorable for Macbeth to kill Young Siward? young Siward is very young – his first battle – and therefore is easy prey to Macbeth – Macbeth should not fight such a vulnerable foe
Explain the death of Young Siward in terms of his father’s, Old Siward’s, reactions. Old Siward is more proud than sad – he is sad, but understands Young Siward did his duty and did it well
Explain how Macbeth dies. He is killed by Macduff in a sword fight
Who becomes the King of Scotland after Macbeth’s death? Malcolm
What is now restored? the Great Chain of Being.

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