Macbeth Literary Vocab

anagnorsis a moment in plot in a tragedy where a main character recognizes their true nature and makes a critical discovery- Macbeth realizing Macduff is not born of a women
apostrophe a character who distances themselves from reality and addresses an imaginary character- macbeth talking to the dagger when he detaches himself from reality
aside is a dramatic device in which a character speaks to the audience and not heard by other characters
catastrophe is a final resolution that appears in a narrative plot that brings story to a logical end, the disastrous outcome- Macbeth talking to the dagger
catharsis purging of the feelings of pity or fear that occur in the audience
denouement literary device which can be defined as the resolution of the issue of a complicated plot in fictionex) army approaching castle
dramatic irony when an audience watching a play understands what’s going on in a situation while the characters are unaware of what is happening- Duncan saying he trusts macbeth
epiphany moment in the story where a character achieves realization, awareness or a feeling of knowledge after which events are seen through the prism of this new light in the story
foreshadowing a literary device in which a writer gives an advance hint of what is to come later in the story
hamartia weakness or limitation of that tragic hero- Macbeth ambitions
hubris extreme pride and arrogance shown by a character that ultimately brings about his downfall- Macbeths confidence he will not be defeated
nemesis literary device that refers to a situation of poetic justice where the good characters are rewarded for their virtues and the evil characters are punished for their vices- macbeth and macduff
paradox contrary to expectations- banquos ghost appearing
peripeteia reversal of circumstances” or a turning point in a story
scene of suffering scene of pain and where bad things begin to happen- Duncans, Banquos, Macbeths deaths
soliloquy when a character speaks their thought outloud when alone, not speaking to the audience
tragedy a drama in which a series of actions leads to the downfall of the main character
foil character that contrasts another character- Macduff to Macbeth
theme central idea- appearance vs reality
parallel episode author compares two events in a story- scene 5 bouncing between castle to the army
simile “Doubtful it stood; / As two spent swimmers, that do cling together / And choke their art.”
metaphor comparison- comparing Banquo to a snake
onomatopoeia a word associated with a sound- witches during their spells
symbol – light/ dark = good/ bad- blood = guilt
perpeteia reversal of circumstances- when Macbeth realizes that he could become King
Verbal and Situational irony – verbal when Macbeth wishes banquo safe travels- situational when Banquos ghost appears
analogy comparasion of 2 things for the purpose of explanation – saying the murderers are like animals
hyperbole exaggeration- machbeth talking about the amount of blood on his hands

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