Macbeth List 6- English 10 Honors Dr. Rowes – LaGuardia Arts High School NYC

Deign (verb) To believe someone or something to be beneath one’s dignity Infinitives: -to condescend -to patronizeSentences:-The haughty woman did not deign to invite her poor neighbors to her lavish christmas party.
Laud (verb) To give praise Infinitives:-to glorify-to honorSentences: -King Duncan lauded Macbeth for his bravery in battle.
Castigate (verb) To criticize severely Infinitives:-to punish-to chastiseSentence:-The master castigated his slaves for failing to work hard enough by whipping them.
Impugn (verb) To cast doubt upon Infinitives:-to oppose -to negate Sentence:-Many scientists have tried to impugn the theory of global warming.
Missive (noun) A formal or official communicationSynonyms: -written message -letterSentence:-Emails are technological missives.
Swine (noun) The domesticated pig Synonyms:-hog-oinkerSentence: -The followers of Islam are forbidden from eating swine.
Rapt (adjective) Concentrating on something to the exclusion of everything Synonyms: -absorbed -spellboundSentence:-Rapt in the music of Mozart, the student could not concentrate on the lesson in English class.
Nemesis (noun) Someone or something a person cannot conquerSynonyms:-opponent-antagonistSentences:-Banquo became the nemesis of Macbeth.
Suborn (verb) To persuade another to do wrongInfinitives: -to instigate-to procureSentence: -Lady Macbeth suborned her husband to commit murder even though he had second thoughts.
Thane (noun) -Member of any aristocratic class of men granted land for military service-a lesser noble who was an official of the crown holding authority over landSentence:-Macbeth’s ambitions were beyond the status of a thane.
Augment (verb) To make greaterInfinitives:-to expand -to enlargeSentence: -The employee wanted a promotion to augment his salary.
Bode (verb) To be an omen of Infinitives: -to foretell -to predictSentence:-Thunder bodes rain.
Deprecate (verb) To express disapproval of Infinitives: -to belittle -to deploreSentence:-Lady Macbeth deprecated the conscience of her husband an unmanly.
Acquiesce (verb) To agree or submit quietly Infinitives:-to conform -to approveSentence:-Macbeth acquiesced to his wife’s desire to murder the king.
Palpable (adjective) Detectable by touch Synonyms: -sensible -tactile Sentence:-Macbeth’s ambitions became palpable after killing King Duncan.

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