Macbeth: Leadership

Introduction to MacbethWar hero 1.2 ‘brave Macbeth’, ‘disdaining fortune’
Macbeth on deception and corruption 1.7 ‘false face must hide what false heart must know’
Macbeth on killing Fleance and Banquo 3.1 ‘absence is no less material to me| Than his father’s’
Macbeth on taking action 4.2 ‘the very firstlings of my heart shall be| The firstlings of my hand’
Malcome on how Macbeth has ruined Scotland 4.3 ‘Our country sinks beneath the yoke.| It weeps, it bleeds’
McDuff on ambition 4.3 ‘Boundless intemperance| In nature is a tyranny’
Kingly qualities 4.3 ‘Justice, verity, temprance, stableness’
Malcome and new era 5.11 ‘newly with the time’

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