Macbeth key events

The witches wait for Macbeth
Duncan orders the execution of Thane of Cawdor (Scottish Traitor)
How do the witches greet Macbeth? Thane of GlamisThane of CawdorFuture King of Scotland
What predictions do the witches make? a long line of Banquo’s heirs will become Kings of Scotland
how does lady Macbeth learn about the witches’ prophecies? a letter from Macbeth
what is Lady Macbeth’s concern about her husband he is too kind to kill Duncan
why is Macbeth hesitant to kill Duncan? he is Macbeth’s king, commander-in-chief, relative, and guest
How does lady Macbeth convince Macbeth to murder duncan? attacks his manhood and calls him a “coward”
What does Macbeth want to discuss with Banquo? he wants Banquo to be on his side, not Duncan’s Banquo refuses to be disloyal to Duncan
What does Macbeth hallucinate? a knife (maybe)
Why doesn’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan? he looks like her father
how do the Macbeths act after the murder Lady- calm and resoluteMacbeth- agitated and paranoid
who comes to the castle the morning after Duncan is killed to come get him? Macduff and Lenno
Who discovers Duncan’s body? Macduff
How do the Macbeths avoid suspicion Macbeth- acts shockedLady- faints
Who are Malcolm and Donalbain? Where do they go? They are the sons of DuncanMalcolm- flees to EnglandDonalbain- flees to Ireland
Who will be king now? Macbeth
what does Macbeth do about Banquo? Banquo heard the witches predictions so he suspects Macbeth as the murdererMacbeth hires assassins to kill him
what happens when the murderers meet Banquo and Fleance? they all attack Banquo and let Fleance flee
Who is the surprise guest and dinner and what issues does he cause? the Ghost of Banquo makes Macbeth look insane
What is Hecate’s significance to criticize the witches for bringing Macbeth up instead of bringing him down.
Where has Macduff gone? England to urge Malcolm to come back and be king
why is Macbeth so anxious to find the witches he wants to make sure his kingship is secure for the future
what are the three apparitions? 1st- appears as an adult male wearing armor – says be wary of Macduff2nd- appears as a bloody child – Macbeth that he cannot be harmed by a man who is born of a woman3rd- a child wearing a crown and holding a tree branch – he cannot be defeated until Birnam Woods moves to Dunsinane CastleEXTRA- shows a line of eight kings all resembling Banquo. last king is holding a mirror which reflects a long succession of Scottish Kings
How does Macbeth decide to retaliate against Macduff? sends assassins to Castle at Fife to kill Lady Macduff, all of her children, and all of the servants
What does Malcolm need in the way of assurance from Macduff? Malcolm asks him a number of questions to test his loyalty
How does the king of England, Edward the Confessor, offer to help defeat Macbeth? gives them 10,000 British troops to defeat them.
who is the commander of the British troops? Old Siward
Why are Macbeth’s robes said to “hang loosely about him”? he does not possess the positive qualities necessary to be a great king
Why should Macbeth worry that the apparitions may not be fully true? b/c Malcolm has his troops cut down tree branches in order to camouflage the number of troops
Why does Macbeth think Young Siward can’t kill him he knows he was born of a woman
who kills Young Siward Macbeth
What surprise does Macduff spring on Macbeth he mother had a caesarean-section
What does Macduff bring to Malcolm the head of Macbeth
who will now be king of scotland? Malcolm

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