Macbeth intro quiz- Shakespeare

place of birth Stratford upon Avon in England
year of birth 1564
married to Anne hathaway
15 of his 37 plays were written by what year 1597
in what year did Shakespeare change his company’s name and why 1603 and because King James became its patron
Shakespeare middle period 1595-1605
macbeth was written in what period middle period
Shakespeare also wrote what 154 sonnets
Shakespeare died in what year 1616
why was it called the globe theater it comes from the expression that everyone in the world is an actor
theater was considered “the nest of the devil”
why was theater something for everyone and not just the wealthy the cheapest seats could be afforded by everyone
why was it a problem if it rained during a play umbrellas weren’t allowed in the theater
each part of the stage represents what top signs = heavenstage itself = earth underneath = hell
how does the shape of the globe affect the experience of a play it increases the sense of participation
who was shakespeare former boss queen Elizabeth at first then when she died King James took over
the influence of puritans on Shakespeare plays were always trying to shut down the theater and they believed it was a sin to act because it was pretending to be something they are not
why do shakespeares plays sound like the King James bible he wanted approval by King James
what year was Macbeth written in 1606
how did the tone of the plays change when James became king the plays became darker rather than lighter when queen Elizabeth reigned
what year was the gunpowder plot I 1605
chain of being stay in a given social standing by God and if one moved it would be considered a sin
divine right of kings monarchic rulers were accepted by God and could speak to God
what was the gunpowder plot British tried to kill King James because he was against Catholicism. King James would receive a letter to go to the cellar and gunpowder would explode when he got there
who was responsible for plotting the gunpowder plot Robert catesby
what was the result the guy Fox who was ready to set off the gunpowder was caught around midnight and everyone involved was executed
who was being plotted against the gunpowder plot and why didn’t they like him King James and they didn’t like him because he expelled all the priests
regicide killing the king

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