Macbeth Intro. Quiz Mrs.Jordan

Factual Information: – 1606- likely written -1606-1607 first performed at The Globe Theatre- 1623 – date published in the First Folio- the first authorized collection of Shakespeare’s plays – considered Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy
Settings of Macbeth: – Northern Scotland & in England – Scotland:- at or near King Duncan’s castle at Forres- at Macbeth’s castle on Dusinane Hill in the country of Inverness – in countryside locales where the three witches meetEngland:- at a castle
Main Characters: -Protagonist- Macbeth – Antagonists- phycological and supernatural forces
What does “Three Witches” mean? Weird sisters
Who is the first writer to represent fate as three old women? Hesiod
Characters of Macbeth: – Foil- Banquo- an army general – Macduff- Scottish nobleman and lord of Fife known for his wisdom and integrity – Malcolm- son of King Duncan – Lady Macbeth- Macbeth’s wife
What are the themes of Macbeth? – Ambition-Guilt- Trust vs. Betrayal- Fate vs. Free Will- Nature vs. Unnatural
What are the motifs of Macbeth? – Blood- Sleep- Reversal of Nature – Visions/ Hallucinations/ Supernatural Elements – Darkness and Night
The Real Story: – King Malcolm II died in battle in 1034; kingship was to alternate between two branches of the royal line : two grandsons (cousins)- Duncan I “the sick” took the throne – considered young (17) weak, and a terrible and ineffective leader – Macbeth- many believed he should have claimed the throne instead -Macbeth killed Duncan I in a battle near Elgin and became the King of Scotland – Macbeth reigned for 17 years: powerful, strong leader- Malcolm III ( Duncan I’s son) wanted revenge & the throne; joined forces with Earl Siward at the battle of Dunsinnan- 1057 Macbeth is overthrown : Malcolm III took the throne for the next 35 years
Witches in England: -1591- attempted murder if King James I of Scotland by alleged witches – 1597 Daemonologie – book on the persecution and punishment of witches – King James was a theologian and philosopher and conferences with the explanation of evil phenomena
Examples of Bad luck: -Walking under a ladder – Sneezing – Crossing the path of a black cat
Examples of Good luck: – Touching the hand of a prisoner about to be hanged – Spitting into a fire
The Monarchy ( The Tudors) King Henry VIII:Catherine of Aragon ( 1st wife) ⬇️- Mary I ( Catholic) – reigned 1553 – 1558- “Bloody Mary” – executed hundreds of Protestants – no heirs Anne Boylen (Protestant) ⬇️- Elizabeth I ( Protestant) – reigned 1558- 1603 – never married, no heirs – imprisoned and executed her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots (Catholic ) – arranged for King James I to take the throne Jane Seymour ( 3rd wife ) ( Protestant) ⬇️- Edward VI ( Protestant) – reigned from 1547- 1553 (died)
The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 – Led by Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes …..

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