Macbeth Identification

Macbeth -Main character who has King Duncan and Banquo killed-Thane of Glamis and Cawdor/King of Scotland-Gets killed by Macduff
Lady Macbeth -Wife of Macbeth-Insane; influences Macbeth to kill King Duncan-Commits suicide
Banquo -General in King Duncan’s army-Gets killed by one of three murderers-Witches tell him his children will take throne of Scotland
King Duncan -King of Scotland-Gets killed by Macbeth-Was against the Norwegians-Father of Malcolm, who was supposed to take the throne
Fleance -Banquo’s son-Runs away from murder, doesn’t die-Will probably become king
Donalbain -Son of Duncan-Flees to Ireland after his father’s death
Malcolm -Son of Duncan-Flees to England after his father’s death-Rebels against Macbeth by raising an army
Macduff -Thane of Scotland-Discovers murder of King Duncan; suspects Macbeth did it-Flees to England; joins Malcolm-Family gets killed by Macbeth
Lennox, Ross, Menteith, Angus, Caithness -Thanes of Scotland-Turn against Macbeth
Porter -Doorkeeper at Macbeth’s castle-Hints at negative nature of Macbeth’s Castle-Knocks at Macbeth’s gate after King Duncan’s Death
Old man -Associates murder of King Duncan with instability of natural world
Doctors -Recognize disease and disorder of Lady Macbeth even though they can’t cure it
Three Witches -Cause Macbeth to have a downfall-Revel the “truth” to Macbeth and Banquo about the future
Young Siward -Son of Siward-Gets killed “nobly” by Macbeth in the final battle
Seyton -Macbeth’s final servant after everyone has abandoned him-Reports queens death to Macbeth-Helps arm Macbeth
Macduff’s son -Protects father in conversation with his mother; youthful and innocent-Gets killed by Macbeth
Gentlewoman -Attending on Lady Macbeth-Indicates Lady Macbeth walked in her sleep; won’t share more with doctor
Thane -Scottish title of Nobility
Sweno -King of Norway
Sinel -Macbeth’s dad
Inverness -Macbeth’s castle
Forres -Duncan’s castle in Scotland
Golgotha -Place where jesus was crucified
Wyrd -Concept relating to fate and destiny-Weird
Bellona -Goddess of war
Rapt -Wrapped
Motifs -Clothing imagery-Sleep-Milk
Who was the play written for? James I
What do the witches talk in? Iambic tetrameter
Things drinking makes one do Turns nose redPuts to sleepMakes you peeProvokes sexual desire
Who doesn’t believe in physiognomy? King Duncan
Posset Warm milky drink (toxic)
Colmekill Where Duncan’s body was carried to
Scone Place where Scottish kings were crowned
Fife Macduff’s castle is here
Hecate Witches boss
Three types of irony Dramatic/Situational/Verbal
Heaven hell or both for Duncan and Banquo? Duncan: Heaven/HellBanquo: Heaven
Equivocation Deceit, looks true but tricky
Two people that stand up to others Macduffs son and Young Siward
Great Chain of Being Idea that everything has a place; if something is knocked out, nature will respond (God is at top)

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