Macbeth Fun Facts

who do the witches make predictions to? macbeth and banquo
have the macbeths had children? yes “i have given suck”
what is banquo’s son’s name fleance
where does king duncan get murdered? macbath’s castle
where does macbeth go to get invested following duncan’s death? scone (pronounced like “alone”)
macbeth is promoted three times that we know of and two times in this play thane of glamis to thane of cawdor to king
who does macbeth do final battle with? macduff
the witches have predicted that macbeth will not be killed by man of woman born. how does macduff get around this? he was born by cesarean section
what does prince malcolm do at the end? promotes everyone around him (makes them earls)
who are duncan’s sons? malcolm and donalbain
what do malcolm and donalbain do after his murder? escape to englnd
/what is a thane a man, often the chief of a clan, who held land from a scottish king and ranked with an earl’s son

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