Macbeth (Final Review)

Why do you think that the play opened with witches? Sets the mood
What did the witches predict for Macbeth? That he would become the thane of cawdor and he would become king. he was already the thane of glamis
what did the witches predict for Banquo? That he would be the father of kings
Describe Macbeth. Peerless (good) kinsman, who is loyal brave proud and ambitious
Lady Macbeth received what? From whom? A letter from Macbeth
What was the letter about? The prophecies that Macbeth had received
Why wouldn’t Lady Macbeth kill the king. Because he looked like her father
How did they go about killing the king? They drugged the servants, Macbeth killed the king, Then they killed the servants and smeared the king’s blood on them.
Who had the king just named as his heir? Malcolm
The king completely __________Macbeth trusted
Before he kills the king, what does he see and hear? He sees a floating dagger and hears a bell
Who does the drunken porter think he is? What was the meaning of this scene? The gatekeeper of HellComic Relief
Who finds the king dead? Macduff
The king’s sons (Malcolm and Donalbain) ran away because? They didnt want to be blamed for the murder or be murdered themselves.
Why doesnt Banquo want to sleep? He is scared that the witches prophecy will get to him.
What are the “candles of the heavens” Stars
Who did he see sitting in his chair at the party? The late Banquo
Once he murdered the king, what word wouldnt Macbeth say? Amen
Who is the only peaceful sleeper? What did Macbeth murder? King DuncanSleep
When the king is found dead what does Lady Macbeth do? She pretends to faint
Where did Macbeth go to be crowned king? Scone
Why did Macbeth have Banquo killed? He didnt want Banquo’s descendants to take his crown from him.
Who does Macduff blame for the death of his family? Himself
What does the scene with Hecate foreshadow? Who is going to die
How does Macbeth feel about the escape of Banquo’s son? He feels bothered because he saw images of future kings that looked like Banquo.
What did King Edward of England seem to have? A healing power that people admired.
What are four different themes of this book? Ambition, evil and it’s consequences, deceiving appearances, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s greediness.
Why is Old Siward not greiving over his son’s death? He is proud that his son died as a man.
Who is knocking? Macduff and Lennox

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