Macbeth Final: Act 5

Act 5 Takes place in Dunsinane and in Birnam WoodsShort scenes
Scene 1 The sleepwalking scene
Characters in scene 1 Doctor, Lady Macbeth, Doctor
Lady Macbeth washing her hands as she sleep walks Asking for a light (candle) to be near her at all times washing the blood(guilt) away She knows about MB killing MD familyShe has time to think about her deeds She isn’t sleeping (MB murdered sleep) the roles are reversed Macbeth is in charge and Lady Macbeth feels guilt
Doctor Says it is beyond his practice She needs spiritual advice not medical
Characters in Scene 2 Menteith, Angus, Caithness, Lennox
Youthful Troops discuss Macbeth and his flaws use a lot of Clothing imagery
Characters in scene 3 Servant, Macbeth, Seyton, Doctor
Macbeth He sees what he has lost: Honor love obedience friends He gave all these things up because of ambitionHe has instead cursesHe still decides to fight
Characters in Scene 4 Macduff, Malcolm, Siward
Third Apparition coming true The rebels gather by Birnam wood (Brinam Wood is marching on Dunsinane) Malc tells all of his soldiers to take braches to cover themselves Malcolm is the crowned child- Rightful heir: Holding branch
Lady Macbeth Kills herself because she can’t live with the guilt
Macbeth His reaction to the death of his wife isn’t full of pain he says it would have happened one way or anotherHe is numb He says time creeps in at a petty pace- slowlyOut, out brief candle: Significance= light, goodness, lifeBanquo in the beginning warns him never to trust witches
Scene 6 Malcolm, Macduff, and Siward separate and begin the battle
Scene 7 The battle begins young siward is killed by MacbethMacduff looks for Macbeth Malcolm and Siward enter the castle
Scene 8 Macduff confronts Macbeth and they fight
Second Apparition coming true The bloody child is MacduffHe is not women born, but ripped from the womb(sea-section)
Macbeth at first doesn’t want to fight
Characters Ross, Siward, Macduff, Malcolm
Ross tells Siward the news of his sons death
Siward his son has died an honorable death and he does not morn him
First Apparition coming true Macduff kills Macbeth Carries in his head (armed)
Irony of the beheading Macbeth in the beginning beheaded the traitor Macdonwald and now he has been beheaded as a traitor
Macbeth’s death Because of this time and order is back to normal in the kingdomthe great chain of being is restored
Malcolm At the end of the play is on his way to be crowned at Scone

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