Macbeth Extract – Act 2 Scene 2

Introduction This extract from William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ takes place in act 2 scene 2, within it we witness an emotional and panicked Macbeth ignored and misunderstood by his wife. Lady Macbeth in contrast appears to feel no guilt and in some aspects is more naive in her response to Duncan’s death.
‘This is a sorry sight’ (Beginning) – From the outset we can see that Macbeth regrets killing Duncan, this is emphasised by the alliteration in this phrase.
‘A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight’ (Beginning) – Lady Macbeth is firm in her dismissal, showing she does not understand Macbeth’s response to his guilt. At this point she is just confused not angry.
‘There are two lodg’d together’ (Beginning) – LM is trying to make sense of what Macbeth is saying but the short responses make it clear she disagrees with him
‘I could not say ‘Amen” ‘Wherefore could not I pronounce ‘Amen” (Middle) – Macbeth is becoming in creakingly worked up and panicked as shown by his repetition of points.
‘Consider it not so deeply’ (Middle) – Lady Macbeth tries again to dismiss his worry in an almost comforting way this time though it is clear that she does not understand and is still quite short with him.Though the way she dismisses the results of Duncan’s death shows naivety to what the actions will lead to.
‘These deeds must not be thought’ ‘make us mad’ (Middle) – This shows us that LM’s naivety and lack of understanding, as she believes feeling the guilt is what will make them mad not denying it.
‘Macbeth shall sleep no more’ (End) – Macbeth’s panic reaches a climax, we can see this as his words become jumbled and sounds more and more like a prophecy. He is also very self aware, and drives the symbolism of sleep as innocence home with repetition.
‘You do unbend your noble strength’ ‘brain-sickly’ (End) – We now see LM no longer even attempting to understand, we see her as cold and commanding as she dismisses Macbeth’s worry and we see her anger as she portrays her husband as weak.
‘Wash this filthy witness from your hand’ (End) – LM does not understand how the phycological effects of the deed will last and guilt will grow.

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