Macbeth Essay

Introductory Sentence Text name, author, short sentence about what the themes or ideas presented in the text are, clear response to the topic, contention, arguments.
Topic Sentence This is your first main point.
Elaboration This is your explanation where you use key words to support your argument.
Evidence Should be in a form of a quote.
Link The ‘I told you so’ moment.
Conclusion – A statement to summaries your overall contention. – Recap your points of argument – General rounding off statement about what the reader thinks or feels.
Topic sentence example ” Macbeth is a tragic hero and not simply the murderous ‘butcher’ described by Malcolm.
Evidence/ Explanation example “Macbeth’s fault is primarily ambition. It is secondarily weakness of will, when his wife pushes him against his moral scruples into murder. Like all tragic heroes, we know him at the outset to be a good man. Duncan’s praise establishes that, his own scruples confirm it, and Lady Macbeth’s statement about ‘the milk of human kindness”. Put it beyond question.”
Link example Macbeth goes against his own nature- and his punishment is to cease to be human- to become little more than a common ‘butcher’.
Example of an introduction Shakespeare’s Macbeth tracks the journey of ‘brave, valiant Macbeth’ a loyal subject who changes into the ‘butcher’ described by Malcolm. He not only commits regicide to fulfill a desire to be crowned King, but also murders his formerly close friend Banquo and Macduff’s “poor innocent babes”. However, like all tragic heroes, we know him at the outset to be a good man who has simply gone against his own nature and made the wrong choices. His story is a portrait in negative- like the stories of all tragic heroes- a picture of what we should not do.
Main Characters Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, 3 Witches, Banquo, King Duncan, Fleance, Macduff, Malcolm and Hecate
Power and Ambition – Macbeths Fatal Flaws – Macbeths Ambition to become King- Lady Macbeths power over Macbeth “Vaulting ambition, which o’er leaps itself and falls on th’other.” (Act 1 Scene 7) Meaning: This shows that Macbeth is dangerously ambitious. He also admits that his only reason for killing was ‘ambition’.
Natural VS Unnatural – Unnatural being the hallucinations- Lady Macbeth sleepwalking – The Witches are unnatural. “Fair is foul and foul is fair” (Act 1, Scene 1) Meaning: This shows that things are not always as they seem.
Things not being as they seem – The Witches deceive Macbeth by making him think and believe that he is above death. – Lady Macbeth believes she is mentally strong than what is seen. “False face must hide what the false heart doth know.” (Act 1 Scene 7) Meaning: This means that Macbeth will put on a false face or pretend to look happy and normal to cover for his ‘false heart’ or heart that is betraying his King.
Other Quotes “Stars, hide your fires! let not light see my black and dark desires” (Act 1, Scene 4) “Is this a dagger in which I see before me”( Act 2, Scene 1) “Out, dammed spot! out I say” (Act 5, Scene 1)”Yet do I fear thy nature: It is too full o’th milk of human kindness.” (Act 1, Scene 5) “Something wicked this way comes” (Act 4, Scene 1)”So foul and fair a day I have not seen” (Act 1, Scene 3) ” (looking at his hands) this is a sorry sight.” (Act 2, Scene 2)
IMPORTANT QUOTES “These deeds must not be thoughts after these way. So it will make us made. (Act 2, Scene 2)Meaning: Lady Macbeth is saying how you can’t think about what have done or it will drive them crazy. “Wake Duncan with your knocking. I wish you could” (Act 2, Scene 2) Meaning: Macbeth is really regretting killing Duncan. “Theres daggers in mens smiles.” (Act 2, Scene 3) Meaning: Donalbain is saying how he cannot trust anyone. “A deed of dreadful note.”(Act 3, Scene 2)Meaning: Macbeth is saying a dreadful deed will be done (the killing of Banquo.) “Never shake thy gory locks at me!” (Act 3, Scene 4) Meaning: Macbeth is talking to Banquo’s ghost.”He cannot buckle his dis-tempered cause within the best of me. (Act 5, Scene 2)Meaning: Shows that Macbeth is out of control. “The first lings of my heart shall be the first lings of thine hand. To crown my thoughts with acts. Be it thought and done.” Meaning: Macbeth no longer thinks with mercy he just does what he thinks.
Macbeth and Lady Macbeths relationship change: – Lady Macbeth and Macbeths roles change- For both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, their greed, selfishness, and desire for the throne blind them to everything else and deteriorate their relationship to the point that upon Lady Macbeth’s death, Macbeth barely seems concerned.

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