Macbeth English

dagger just before the murder, Macbeth had a vision of a
Duncan resembled her father lady Macbeth would have killed Duncan herself except
voices Macbeth thought he heard what while he was murdering Duncan
he was afraid to return to the scene of the murder Macbeth refused to smear the grooms with blood because
Macduff and Lennox The steady knocking on the castle door was done by
Macduff Duncan’s body was discovered by
Macbeth the grooms were killed by
pretended to feel faint when lady Macbeth “learned” of the deaths in the castle, she
they feared for their lives Malcolm and Donalbain decided to flee Scotland beause
England Malcolm decided to go to
traitor Ross tells Duncan that the thane of Cawdor is a
force Lady Macbeth thinks Macbeth is too cowardly to take the throne by
Duncan Lady Macbeth escorts who into the castle
courage Lady Macbeth says their plan will succeed if they have
Norway the battle described at the opening of the play was between Scotland and
brave fighter and nobleman before we see Macbeth, we learn that he is a
Duke of York the witches hailed Macbeth by all of these except
the father of kings the witches prophesied that Banquo would be
Malcolm Duncan named as his heir
a letter Lady Macbeth learned the witches’ predictions from
she thought it would provide the opportunity needed to kill him Lady Macbeth eagerly welcomed Duncan to the castle because
he really liked Duncan Macbeth hesitated to murder Duncan because
Lady Macbeth the person chiefly responsible for planning Duncan’s murder was
the grooms/guards who will be blamed for Duncan’s murder
Duncan the king of Scotland when the play opens. he symbolizes benevolent rule and trusted authority; he rewards men who well and punishes traitors
Malcolm Duncan’s older son and heir to the throne. he demonstrates cowardice initially but is able to overcome his fears and act valiantly in the end
Donalbain Duncan’s younger son who plays a minor role in the play
Macbeth a general in king Duncan’s army and the thane of Glamis (and Cawdor). in Scotland a thane is a feudal lord or baron. although he acts admirably in the beginning, ambition and greed reveal the dark side of his character. his tyrannical behavior reflects the dangers of a corrupt leader
Banquo a general in king Duncan’s army whose morality wins out over his ambition; thus, he acts as a foil of sorts to Macbeth. he is told that his sons will become kings
Macduff a Scottish nobleman who ends up working against Macbeth. he suffers personal tragedy at Macbeth’s hand and seeks revenge
Lennox a Scottish nobleman who becomes involved in the political intrigue
Ross another Scottish nobleman who becomes involved in the political intrigue
Fleance Banquo’s son, who according to the witches’ prophecy is in line to ascend the Scottish throne, but who is unaccounted for at the end of the play
Siward the Earl of Northumberland and general of the English army that invades Scotland in an attempt to unseat Macbeth from power
Lady Macbeth Macbeth’s wife and the catalyst behind much of his behavior. she wants the throne for him and urges him to commit criminal acts. her conscience eventually troubles her to such an extent that madness descends
Lady Macduff Macduff’s wife who suffers at Macbeth’s hand, she appears briefly along with her young children
Hecate the goddess of witchcraft. the three witches appeal to her as they utter prophecies for Macbeth
Three Witches old women who live on the fringes of Macbeth’s world and whose charms and foretellings bring Macbeth to a terrible end

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