Macbeth Definitions

Battlement A wall or barrier for fortification
Reek To give of an offensive odor
Deign To act in a reluctant manner due to sense of superiority
Curb To retrain, hold in, hold back
Plight A difficult or stressful situation
Flout To scoff at, to mock, scorn
Disburse To pay out, to distribute
Cleave To cling to, to split in half
Disdain To regard as unworthy
Tempest A violent wind storm
Wrack Ruin, violent destruction
Imperial Royal, regal, kingly
Rapt Lost in thought, caught up in wonder
Mettle Personal fortitude, determination
Chastise To scold, reprimand
Buttress A support, reinforcement
Missive A written note, epistle
Adage A proverb, maxim
Gall Bitterness, bile, audacity
Interim The meanwhile, fill-in
Harbinger A herald, forerunner, pre cursor
Peerless Unrivaled, incomparable
Impede To hinder, obstruct, hamper
Daunted Intimidated, discouraged
Beguile To charm or enchant, to trick
Frieze A decorative band along the ceiling line

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