macbeth deaths

Duncan’s sons leave because they are suspected of his murder True
Duncan is a cruel king False
Macbeth’s thanes and army are loyal to him until his death False
Fleance kills one of his father’s murderers False
Lady Macbeth accuses Macbeth of being a coward when he hesitates to kill Duncan True
The English soldiers camouflage themselves with branches from Birnam Wood. True
In his rage over the murder of Duncan, Macduff murders the king’s guards False
At the end of the play, Malcolm becomes king True
Lady Macbeth does not see Banquo’s ghost True
Near the end of the play, Macbeth feels content and satisfied with the way his life has gone. True
An “aside” is when two characters talk to themselves so no one on stage can hear True
“Macbeth” is an example of a tragedy True
Lady Macbeth speaks nothing when she sleepwalks False
Lady Macduff knew why her husband left False
This play takes place in Denmark. False
Banquo’s ghost tells Macbeth that he will always haunt him True
Macbeth is already the Thane of Glamis when the play opens True
At the beginning, Banquo and Macbeth have been on vacation and have returned. False
King Duncan and Macbeth do not like each other at all. False
Lady Macbeth always lets her husband be in control in the beginning. false
Macbeth has doubts before killing Duncan. True
Macbeth thinks he sees Fleance’s ghost at the banquet. False
Macbeth thinks he sees a floating gun before him. False
The witches’ three main apparitions all come true. True
In Act V, Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking. true
The doctor is the one who says (in reference to Lady Macbeth), “More needs she the divine than the physician.” true
When Macbeth hears of Lady Macbeth’s suicide, he says, “She should have died hereafter” because he knows that he had planned to have her murdered anyway. false
“______, and _______, and ______ creeps in this petty pace from day to day.” The word that goes in each space is “today.” false
Macbeth says, “Burn, burn, brief candle” in reference to longing for his life to go on longer. false
Macduff is the name of the man who kills Macbeth. true
From the start of the play to its finish, there are a total of four kings of Scotland. false
Lady Macbeth and Macbeth framed King Duncan’s guards for his murder. true
Fleance is the one who killed Banquo. false
Lady Macbeth’s suicide can best be described as one where she killed herself with a knife to the heart. false
Ross is the one who discovers King Duncan’s body. false
Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost sitting in his (Macbeth’s) chair during the banquet. true
Before Macbeth kills the king, he sees an illusion of a floating dagger that is pointing toward Duncan’s chamber. true
At the beginning of the play, the Scots are at war with Norway. true
At the end of the play, it is England’s army that invades Scotland. true
Donalbain is killed during the last battle. false
Macbeth kills Young Siward (Lord Siward’s son) during the last battle. true
As shown in the end of the play, Scottish kings are crowned at Scone. true
Macduff is able to kill Macbeth, despite the witches’ prophecy, because he was adopted by his mother. false
Duncan was killed in his bedchamber at Macbeth’s castle. true
Donalbain is the one who flees Scotland in order to join forces with Malcolm.
On the night Duncan was murdered, the weather was completely still. false
Immediately following Duncan’s murder, Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Macduff, flee. false
The porter is the character who jokes that he works at “hell’s gates.” true
After the victory in Act I, Macbeth is given the title “Thane of Glamis.” false
Ross is the one who tells Macduff that his (Macduff’s) family has been killed. true
Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane because the witches cast a spell on the forest. false
Lady Macduff is the one who says, “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here.” false
Macbeth is the one who said, “Glamis hath murdered sleep . . . Macbeth will sleep no more.” true
In Act I, the witches decide to wait for Macbeth and Banquo at Macbeth’s castle. false
In Act IV, Macbeth responds to the first three apparitions with enthusiasm and happiness, but he becomes angry when he sees the sons of Banquo as heirs to the throne. true
In Act IV, when Macbeth is presented with the line of Banquo’s kinsmen, he become frightened to the point that he faints. false
When Macbeth orders the murder of the Macduff family just because he is angry, the reader quickly realizes Macbeth is now committing murders that are not really necessary. true
Malcolm list the issues that make him unworthy of being king in order to test Macduff’s integrity and loyalty to the throne. true
When Lady Macbeth’s doctor sees her sleepwalking, he is happy to learn the truth of Duncan’s murder. false
The reader learns that Macbeth’s nobles obey him out of fear, not respect. true
During her sleepwalking scene, Lady Macbeth can best be described as a woman who is full of guilt for what she has done. true
Lady Macbeth is bothered by the fact that she cannot seem to get rid of the blood from her hands or its smell. true
Macbeth does not fear man because he was told to “fear no man born of a woman.” true
The death of Lady Macbeth is part of the falling action in the play. true
The witches tell Banquo that he will be king, but he will not father kings. FALSE
The Thane of Cawdor is pardoned by King Duncan. FALSE
In Act IV, a doctor spies on Lady Macbeth while she is praying. TRUE
Macbeth, by the time Malcolm attacks, knows he cannot count on support from his followers. TRUE
Macduff was “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped” and therefore can and does kill Macbeth, fulfilling the witches’ prophesy. TRUE
Banquo faints after the killing of Duncan. FALSE
Duncan is suspicious of Macbeth. FALSE
The doctor says he can cure Lady Macbeth if only Macbeth will pay him. FALSE
Lady Macbeth cries out to the spirits to “unsex” her because she is distraught over the death of her youngest son. FALSE
The Thane of Cawdor has died a traitor. Macbeth will be the new Thane of Cawdor TRUE
Duncan proclaims his son Malcolm as successor to the throne TRUE
Lady Macbeth faints in order to help her husband TRUE
The witches told Macbeth to kill Banquo. FALSE
Lady Macbeth did not plan Banquo’s murder. TRUE
Fleance is not crowned at the end of the play TRUE
The witches told Macbeth Malcolm was to be feared. FALSE
Macbeth slays lady macbeth when she threatens to reveal the truth FALSE
After realizing the truth in the weird sisters’ predictions, macbeth has evil thoughs about Duncan TRUE
Lady Macbeth smeared the guards’ faces with blood. TRUE
When the play begins, Macbeth’s title is Thane of Fife. FALSE
The two murderers are joined by a third, who says that he has also been hired by Macbeth. TRUE
The witches tell Banquo he will be murdered by Macbeth FALSE
A paradox is the agreement of two ideas that hold some truth FALSE
Banquo was killed, but his son Fleance escaped. TRUE
Malcolm was untimely ripped from his mother’s womb. FALSE
According to the witches’ predictions, Banquo will some day be king FALSE
Macduff puts Macbeth’s head on a pole. TRUE
Lady Macbeth had an affair with Banquo, so Macbeth wanted him dead. FALSE
A wounded captain tells Duncan of Macbeth’s Bravery. True
One of the three witches was given food by a sailor’s wife. False
Duncan ordered the death of the Thane of Cawdor. True
Banquo killed the King of Norway. False
Banquo asks the three witches to predict his future. True
Ross and Angus heard and saw the three witches. True or False
Lady Macbeth learns of her husband’s good fortune from a letter. True
Lady Macbeth fears that Macbeth will not have the courage to attain the greatness the witches have predicted. True
Lady Macbeth devises the plan to kill Duncan. True
Once the plan was worked out, Macbeth never had second thoughts. False
All of Macbeth’s guests sleep soundly on the night of the murder. False
Macbeth is startled by the image of a dagger floating in the air. True
Lady Macbeth does not kill DUncan because he looks like her brother. False
Macbeth kills Duncan’s guards. True
Macduff and Lennox arrive at Macbeth’s castle early the next morning at King Duncan’s request. False
Macbeth smeared blood ont eh guards to ensure they appeared guilty. False
Banquo assists in the murder of Duncan. False
Lady Macbeth faints after hearing the news that Duncan was killed. False
Macduff discovered the body of Duncan. True
MAcduff travels to Scone for Macbeth’s coronation. False
Banquo fears that Macbeth may have played a part in making himself king. True
Macbeth tells Banquo that Malcolm and Donalbain have confessed to killing their father. False
Banquo, Fleance, and Macbeth go out riding together the evening Banquo is killed. False
The murdered believe that Banquo is to blame for all their troubles. True
Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth about a plan that will solve their problems. False
Banquo’s ghost sits in MAcbeth’s chair at the table. True
At the first sign of Macbeth’s strange behavior, Lady Macbeth asks all the guest to leave. False
Macbeth has placed spies in every lord’s household. True
The first apparition warns Macbeth to beware of Macduff. True
The second apparition tells Macbeth that no man born of a woman can harm him. True
The third apparition tells Macbeth that he will never be conquered until the trees in Birnam Wood march to Dunsinane. True
The last apparition tells Macbeth that a line of only five kings will descend from him. False
Macbeth banishes MAcduff to England. False
Lady Macduff decided to stay in Scotland rather than travel with her husband to England. True or False
Lady Macduff received warnings that her life was in danger. True
Malcolm claims to possess the vices of lust and greed. True
Ross arrives to tell Malcolm and Macduff the recent news from Scotland. True
Malcolm tells Macduff that the King of England has the power to heal. True
The Doctor tells the Gentlewoman that he can cure Lady Macbeth of her illness. False
Macbeth’s troops are very loyal to him. False
Because of the witches’ prophecies, Macbeth is confident he can withstand any threat. True
Macbeth reacts strongly to the death of his wife. False
At first, Macbeth plans to defend the castle by forcing a siege. True
After Realizing there might be double meanings to the witches’ predictions, Macbeth commands his army to attack. True
Macbeth kills Young Seyton in a battle. False
The castle surrendered before Macbeth was killed True
Ross presents Macbeth’s head on a stake to Malcolm. False

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